Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 40: If you are not happy where you are, MOVE. You are not a tree :)

Monday: We had an awesome p-day! Sister James and I shopped all day! (well from about 2-4) then we had a family night with a member of our Spanish group. It was a blast! we are going to start doing family night with them every week, so this was the first of many to come. We talked about eternal families. It was fun to see what family meant to all the little kids.

Tuesday: Service day. We were doing service at Habitat for Humanity. We stocked all of the shelves fulllll of Christmas stuff! It made me super excited for the Christmas season. We had a lesson with Bartolo at the Johnson's. We taught him about tithing. He loved it! He told us that he was excited to follow this commandment because he knows that more blessings are going to come from keeping the commandments of God. Bartolo gets that and I love that. He understands that if he does what the Lord asks, the Lord will help him out with everything else. It was a super spiritual lesson. Bartolo testified of the gospel and the blessings it brings more that we did!

Wednesday: We met with our Group Relief Society President and talked about what we can do to strengthen the sisters in Relief Society. Man We have an awesome president. We talked about how we can help visiting teaching increase in the group. On my mission I have really come to realize how important it is for us as members to help strengthen other members. It is so essential!!!

Thursday: I got to make peppernuts!!! for those of you who don't know what those are, they are the most delicious things ever!!! granted they do look like dog treats, they are the best. We went over to a members house to make them and it was a blast. We turned on Christmas music and just had  an awesome time making a family tradition. They all loved them so much. The rest of the day was hard with cancelled appointments and doors closed in our faces, so the joy of making peppernuts was wonderful!!!

Friday: We had a Visiting Teaching Conference! And we got put in charge of whatching the kidlets. There were only 2, and we had a blast. Trying to entertain kids without being able to interact much with them is pretty darn hard!

Saturday: we set 2 baptismal dates for Rosi and her son John! Rosi's husband Juan said he didn't feel ready to accept one yet, but I know he will come along! Their 9 year old daughter got baptized a while back and she is such a strength  to that family. I love them so much! We have been going over there about 3 times a week in the evening and reading the Book Of Mormon with them. The change in their home from doing that has been crazy. I couldn't believe it. I have gained a testimony that reading the Book of Mormon really does make you happier. You can see the happiness that it brings on other peoples faces.

Sunday: Bartolo brought one of his best friends to church! It was so cool to see them both sitting there enjoying church. We went about the rest of our day and at about 8 o'clock we got a call from Bartolo. He told us that he was in the ER. So of course we dropped everything and went straight to the ER to be with him. We translated for the doctor and found out that he was having an allergic reaction to some medication they had given him a couple weeks ago for something else. Bartolo had bad hiccups that hurt really bad and were making it so he couldn't breathe. They got him the stuff that he needed. We got some priesthood leaders to come over and give him a blessing. I know he will be alright.

I know that this gospel brings us happiness. It helps us through the good and the bad. Living the gospel changes people for the better. I have seen it in my life and I have seen it in other people's lives. I love being His servant. There is nothing better. I found this scripture this week and have fallen in love with it. I personalized it to me and I love it.

1 Nephi 21:3-4

3 And said unto me: Thou art my servant, [Haley Hilton], in whom I will be glorified.

 4 Then I said, I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength for naught and in vain; surely my judgment is with the Lord, and my work with my God.

 5 And now, saith the Lord—that formed me from the womb that I should be his servant, to bring [Bartolo] again to him—though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and my God shall be my strength.

I pray that you guys will all continue to search for Christ in your lives and strive to share that with others. This is the beginning of the Christmas season and lets make it all about Christ! I love you all so much. Especially my family.
Dios le bendiga,
Hermana Hilton

This is Bartolo!!! We finally got a picture with him!

This is our crazy little friend Ashley. She is a hoot!

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