Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 71: full chapels and fireman

Monday: We had a training by our zone leaders and it was really good. We talked about dinner messages. So like when we go to members houses and the feed us and we give a message. They are so so so important. We learned how to improve our dinner messages and they gave us new ideas it was fun. For zone p-day we played sports and it got really intense! It was a blast. Elder Barry forgot his shoes and played without shoes. At the end of the day he had a huge blister on the bottom of his big toe that was bleeding everywhere... it was nasty.

Tuesday: We had language study with Hermana Quiroz. She is this older lady in the branch that helps us a lot with our Spanish. I love her with all my heart. So we went over there like we always do, and she told us that she went the the doctor on Saturday.... She has been going deaf and has a lot of other problems. Anyways she sat us down and started telling us what the doctor told her. Pretty much she is having congestive heart failure. Her heart is so tense that a vain popped and her heart is pumping blood into her lungs. I couldn't hold back the tears. I just broke down and cried. Right there with her. Hermana Quiroz wrapped me in her arms and just hugged me and I cried. She told me to not worry. She said she knows that the Lord has a plan for her. She has a mission to fulfill and if that mission is on the other side of the veil, she is ok with it. I have never met a more faithful women. I know no matter what happens she is in the Lords hands.

Wednesday: We had an amazing lesson with Maria Parra (who is less active) and her husband Fransisco (who is an investigator). We watched the restauration video with them. The spirit was so strong. We talked about it afterwards and they loved it. Maria told us that she feels like she has a person on each shoulder. One telling her to stay where she is at and one saying to go back to church. We kept talking and then I invited them to pray to know if they should keep going to the church they are in or come back to the mormon church. With an astonished face this is what she said, "That was the exact question in my head...." the spirit is powerful. When we left she gave us a hug and with a tear in her eye said, "You don't know the help yall gave me."

Thursday: We saw the Gomez parents! So like the parents of Irvin. They were so excited for us to come over. We went with hermana Ordonez. They got along really well. We taught them the plan of salvation and at the end of the lesson invited them both to be baptized on July 23rd! Yesika was super excited. She told us that she knows that the plan of salvation is true and that this church will help her family. To hear your investigator testify of that is one of the most amazing things ever. Aldolfo was a little more hesitant but he said he feels good. Yesika said a super sincere prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help them know if they should be baptized on July 23rd! She even said the date in the prayer!!!!!!!!!

Friday: We had our branch Father's day activity and it was sooo much fun. I just table hopped the whole time and talked to everyone. It was a blast. Yesika and Aldolfo came!!! They had so much fun. when we left the members had all started dancing and the Gomez's got out there and danced too! They had a lot of fun and got to know a lot of members. It was their second time in the church building.

Saturday: I think this was the craziest day of my life.... buckle up. We were in studies when our brand new smoke/CO alarm went off. The apartment wasn't in flames so we assumed it was the CO. We turned the alarm off and then had to head out because we had appointments. So off we went. Gabriela took us and we saw Reyna. We read in the book of mormon with her and as we were walking out I spotted ciggarettes on her shelf.... she saw that I saw them and tried to hide them... dang it... so we found out Reyna is smoking again. Then Gabriela took us to another apt which was amazing! and then we got dropped off at our third apt. We read the book of mormon with the Rodriguez family and wow the spirit was strong. We headed out of there and started walking when this random member from Wichita Falls picks us up and drives us to our next apointment so we didn't have to walk in the super hot and humid weather. We went  through the rest of the day and headed home at about 7 becuase we don't know what is going on with our apt still. So yup we call our leaders and they tell ust hat we have to call 911...... So we called 911. five minutes later that was a fire truck, a fire marshel, an ambulence, and an EMSA truck at our apartment. They cleared the apartment and there was nothing wrong! It was super crazy though because we had gone throughout the whole day playing phone tag with a million people. Our leaders were super super worried for us and then it turned out to be nothing. Because of everything that went down we didn't get to eat dinner so the elders being the good saints that they are brought us Jimmy Johns that was the best sandwich of my life. Oh and on other thing. We got a selfie with the firemen! YES!!!

Sunday: SOOOOOO many people came to church!!! I was sooo happy! oh man. Ready for the list? Gabriela and Raul! the Diaz family! The Chavez family(HUGE surprise there!) The Garcia family! The Rodriguez family! the DeLeon family! the Ramirez family!! aaaaaaaaaaand IRVIN and ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a happy happy day for us at church.

Yup well that was the week. I have about 10 more minutes and then we have to head out to the zoo. I just want you all to know that this church is true. I love being a missionary! There is nothing better!

Leave it up to oklahoma church signs!!!!

Stole Jorge Ramirez's hat! hehe I love this guy!

Got to see Melissa from the north!!!!

Saying goodbye to Reymundo. Thanks for all your hard work! you will be missed!

saying goodbye to President Walkenhorst. He goes home this Thursday. This man has changed my life and I will always love and miss you! 

Yesika and Aldolfo at the fathers day activity

The Gomez's dancing :)

Us calling 911 to figure out what to do with our apartment!

the firemen came in clutch to tell us that everything is ok. #SELFIE

Elders saved our lives and brought us Jimmy Johns! Thanks guys!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 70: Shout out to Dad!!!

Well I really hope everyone had a wonderful Fathers day. Especially you dad! You are the best dad on the planet! you really are. I hope you had the most wonderful day ever. Shout out to all the dads!

If I had to describe this week in three words I would say, buffets, temple, and less-active-miracles

Monday: We went father's day shopping and Elder Barry needed new shirts because all of his are ripping so we shopped all day! well all of pday. Then we had dinner with the Alcantara's. They are a family from the Dominican Republic. Super super cool family. And they took us out to eat to..... Golden Corral! oh man. So we went to go get our plate of food and guess who is there!?? Latasha from the North! she is this sassy lady that we did service for in the north. It was so crazy to see her there. She recognized both Elder Barry and I. We had a sweet little reunion and then went back to stuffing our faces.

Tuesday: We had an awesome lesson with Leticia in the morning. She said she was going to pray about the Book of Mormon. She is pretty catholic, but has a pure curiosity about Mormons. We met with Reyna! It had been forever and it was soo good to see her again. So she told us that she had been praying to know what to do when we knocked on her door. #prayersareanswered We talked to her and she told us that that evening she was going to talk to her boyfriend. The one she used to live with. She told us that she has two options. #1 live with him again (which means break the law of chastity) and stay her in Oklahoma, or #2 Move to Atlanta to take a job over there. The only problem is that the job is at a bar. She would be a bartender. We explained to her that she needs to remember to put God first in her life and the rest would work out. I think the hardest thing was not knowing what option was better. We told her to go to heavenly Father. We said a prayer and then parted ways. As of today we haven't been able to contact Reyna. So I am praying that she made the right choice. I love her so much that hearing her struggles made me cry.

Wednesday: We scored a free pizza from Dominoes for lunch!! YES! and Wednesday evening our Relief Society President took us out with her to go visit a bunch of sisters in the branch that aren't coming to church. It was very very insightful for us to go with her and help her. We learned that we need to teach her and probably the whole relief society how to do visiting teaching. It was a huge eye opener for me.

Thursday: We had an awesome awesome awesome lesson with the Gomez family. Well just the parents. They are the parents of Irvin who was baptized about a month and a half ago. The last time we visited with them we asked them to read 3 Nephi 12. They said they did it! YES! and when we asked them to read the next one the mom, Yesika asked, can we start from the beginning? Then the dad, Aldolfo said, yeah we want to read the whole thing together. I freaked out inside!!!!! and tried to calmly say of course!!! Their kids get back on the 25th. I am so excited because now that the parents are on board the whole family is going to be on board! I am so pumped.

Friday: Miracle! A super less active member, hno Cabello called us and asked us if we were free tonight. We said we will be! And we went over. We had an awesome lesson with him. he also fed us tacos, so I was happy :) Then we headed over to Yukon because we were sleeping over there because...... JAVIER GONZALES WAS GOING THROUGH THE TEMPLE IN THE MORNING!!!

Saturday! Went to the temple and got to see all my Stillwater people! Javier Gonzales is preparing to leave for his mission to Arcadia, California mission in July. The best part of all of it is that after he received his endowment he was sealed to his parents. I can't explain the spirit that entered the room when that ordinance took place. I never realized how real eternal families are until that point. I am so grateful for an eternal family. But I got to see the Gonzales family, the Fox family, Hermano Johnson, and all the missionaries that served in the group. After the temple they took everyone to Fuze the nicest buffet I have been to in my entire life. It was mind blowing! I said a bittersweet goodbye to everyone from Stillwater. Hermana James included. I love them all so much.  So we went back to the south and Hermana Applegate donated blood. I wasn't going to step close to that needle, so I helped man the front desk and greeted people as they came in. then we went to the one and only Taste of China!!! buffet round number 3! Yup

Sunday: We were able to visit with two members that I have never met before! the Jurado family and hermano Jose Bautsita. When we visited the Jurado's hermana was in tears the whole time. You could just tell that she had been craving the spirit and when she was able to feel it again she cried. Jose Bautsita was hilarious! He is this funny old bald man from Mexico. and we talked and talked and talked. His friend was at his house when we came by and he is actually super interested to learn about the gospel. Oh I forgot to mention that I gave a talk in church on Sunday. It went well.

So on Thursday we had Zone conference. President trained about obedience and the blessings that come from it. There are so many. He shared a quote that has changed how I see obedience. I want to share it with yall.

"Obedience to God can be the very highest expression of independence. Just think of giving to him the one thing, the one gift, that he would never take. Think of giving him the one thing that he would never wrest form you.... obedience -- that which God will never take by force -- He will accept when freely given. And He will then return to you freedom that you can hardly dream of -- the freedom to feel and to know. The freedom to do, and the freedom to BE, at least a thousand fold more than we were." -- Boyd K. Packer

I know this is true. At the end of each zone conference all the missionaries who are leaving the mission before the next zone conference are called up to give their testimony. My stomach dropped to the floor when they called my name. It was a weird moment. I am so grateful for this time I have had to serve and I am even more grateful that I still have a little while longer to do the work of the Lord. There is nothing better than this. nothing harder, but nothing more rewarding. I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father that has supported me and helped me through everything. and I am even more grateful that he send me the best earthly father on the planet! Thanks dad for all that you do for me. I love you so much!!!

Hermana Hilton
Brother Johnson and part of the Gonzales family

The Gonzales family. Now an eternal family 

The missionary crew that came to the temple

Me and Hermana James!!

driving up to the temple with part of the stilly crew!!!!

I barely managed to get over and take a quick picture with my comp as she was donating blood. Then I ran back to the front desk because I can't do needles or blood!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 69: myspacebuttondoesn'twork.....

Well it has been quite the week.On Sunday I was a little sad because I felt like we hadn't really gotten anything done or seen many miracles. I was filling out my miracle calendar (I have just a normal calendar and every day I write down the miracle that we saw from that day) because I was about a week and a half behind. As I was doing that I realized how wonderfully amazing the Lord is. Things had happened and I didn't pay much attention to them,but when I was looking back I realized how many miracles we really did see. Most of them related to getting to see less actives that we hadn't seen in fiveever!

We got to see Reyna! We talked to her on Wednesday after about 2 and a half weeks of zero contact. Oh man. It was so good to see her again. She told us about how she was going to take a second job working at a bar.... oh no...... But that when her and her daughter went to go see how it would be she quickly decided that it was not the place for her. I was singing the hallelujah chorus! she also told us that she has been reading conference talks to help her feel the spirit more in her life. I really hope and pray that she will keep going so that she can go through the temple before I leave. She does need to get her butt to church though. She hasn't been in over a month. This week we are planning on having a heart to heart with her and tell her what she needs to do. I am praying my heart out that it will go well and that I will get to see her go through the temple.

We also got in contact with the Garcia family! they are they cute young family from Aguas Calientes. The last time I was able to get into their home was with Hermana Hunt.... so at least 3 and a half months ago! Their little girl Sofia is so big! she is now 6 months old and growing fast.

So you guys will enjoy this story. On Saturday we had 4 dinners. 4!!!!!!!! and they were all back to back!!!!!! We went to go read the Book of Mormon with a family, the Rodriguez family and they were cooking their dinner (this was 3:30) so they invited us to eat with them. We had spaghetti with shrimp (I skillfully avoided the shrimp) and meat and cheese stuffed chili peppers. I was really scared of the stuffed chili peppers, but I ate one and it was actually pretty good! (oh and you have t talk into consideration that I had a fairly large lunch at noon) So they drove us to the next place which was a baby shower. ....so more food! I had dinner number two there. they had a huge schpeal of food! I wasn't planning on eating until they dished me up a huge plate!!! That was at 4:45. At 6 we had the original dinner planned with the Gonzales family. We went to Brahms and I thought I was going to explode!!!! Hermano Gonzales insisted that we all get ice cream too... oh man. So thinking that there is no way I could possibly be any fuller our Young Mens president tells us about a investigators birthday party. We didn't have any set appointments so we decided to go. and guess what there was...... more food!!! oh man. This was at about 7:45. Man. We had a huge plate of beans meet and rice. and they also pulled out desert! tres leches! oh man. Hermana Applegate and I got home and just layed on the floor for a good while because neither of us could breathe! so yup that concluded the 4 dinners in one night story...... no wonder i'm gaining weight here!

Ok. funny little kid story. Ready? On Sunday night we were walking around an apartment complex when this little girl comes up to us and asks us what we were doing. We explain to her that we are missionaries and we talk about God. She asks us who god is and we tell her that He is her Father. She the gets a puzzled look on her face and asks, "does that mean we are all brothers and sisters?" I giggle a little and answer yes! then she gets this really gross look on her face and quickly says, "That's why I will never have a boyfriend!" haha We both burst into laughter at that point! So priceless. Oh one more little kid story. We were teaching Reyna and her little grandkids show up. they sit with us for a little and joined us for the closing prayer. As we were walking out the youngest daughter said, "goodbye God helpers!" I grinned. I wish everyone could be as receptive and humble and teachable as kids are. This world would be such a better place.

We got to go see Irvin's parents. this week! that was amazing! They are doing well and really enjoying the break from all of their kids. We went over there to read with them. When we asked them to go get the Book of Mormon the mom asked if she could have another one because (ready????) Irvin took his book of Mormon to Mexico!!!!!!!!!! That made me so happy. He loves this gospel and he didn't forget the Book of Mormon. The only contact we have with Irvin right now is through his parents. So it was good to know that he is doing well.

Well I just want to end by saying that I know this gospel is true. Being a missionary is the hardest thing I have ever done. I have never been through anything as challenging, as difficult, as heartbreaking as this. But at the same time I have never felt so much love, so much joy, so close to my Savior. I wouldn't change that for the world. I am still very imperfect human being, but I know who I am and who I can become. I know my Savior. There is an African proverb that says, "If there is no demon within, the demon outside can do us no harm." Christ is the one that gives us the strength to overcome our demons.

I love you all!!! hasta luego!
Hermana Hilton

This is (from left to right) Miguel! Reymundo! Rosa! Me! Hermana Applegate! this was Reymundos last dinner with us so we took some pictures to say goodbye. 

When you are trying to learn a new verb conjugation but give up...... 

So this week we got a new vacuum and we vacuumed the whole apartment..... this is what came out of the vacuum after we did it... it is the size of a large bunny! Hermana Applegate named it Pumpkin haha

The beautiful Oklahoma sky. It never ceases to take my breath away. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week 68: Miracles of the week!

Miracles of the week!!!

Monday: We went to go visit Reyna, but she wasn't home. Luli her roomate answered the door and let us in! huge miracle there because normally she is super cold when we go over. We were able to talk to her and even watch Hope of God's Light with her. Also on Monday evening we got in with Rosa De La Cruz! We had a pretty good lesson where we straight up told her that we are there because we love her. That is what motivates us. Love for god and love for her. She cried. The sad thing was that she was drunk while we were teaching her, so I pray that she can remember something that was said.

Tuesday: An overall good day. We got to see a lot of less actives. We had a freak rain storm in the middle of the day were it rained super super hard. It was crazy. I was so thankful that we were with Hermana Ordonez otherwise we would have been soaked from head to toe! The Lord watches over his missionaries.

Wednesday: Transfers! I said goodbye to Hermana Medeiros and sent her off to Texas. and Hermana Applegate is here with me now!!! I am so excited. a little bit of background information on Hna Applegate. #1 she is amazing! she is from Salt Lake City Utah. She is one of five children. This is the coolest part she is fluent in Spanish!!! she learned her Spanish in Chile. Her Junior year of high school she was a foreign exchange student in Chile. so pretty much she is going to be teaching me how to speak Spanish. I am so excited too because we will be able to jump all the way into the missionary work. There won't be the struggle of not understanding the language for her. I am so excited to work hard with her.

Thursday: We had district meeting on thursday. It messed with my brain so much because normally we have it on Fridays! funny story. at the end of district meeting Hermana Applegate fell backwards on her chair!!! Her legs went straight up in the air!! she was a champ about it though. We have been laughing about it since. Thursday evening we went to go try an investigator, Iris Garcia. She wasn't home, but her husband was. I still am trying to decide if he was bashing or if he really wanted to know about the gospel. He asked alot of probing questions but luckily Hna applegate was able to answer a lot of them! We worked together as a team and he said at the end that he really wants to read the book of Mormon. #missionaccomplished

Friday: We helped out allllllllll day long at the sake's youth conference. we were assigned a groupe of about 20 youth and we walked them through the day. It was fun to go through all the classes with them and to learn with them. There were some kids from our branch that were in our group and I got to know them more which was really fun!

Saturday: Hermana Applegate's first day of full biking! Poor girl her bum hurts so bad from all the biking and her legs are sore, but she is a champ and just keeps going.

Sunday: So we go to church like always right? And everything goes well. We go into the chapel after church and find a spiral notebook that someone left. Not knowing what to do we put it on a shelf. About 2 minutes before we were about to leave Hermano Espinosa (our branch mission leader) calls us. He asks us if we know where it is. We say yes and grab it so that we can give it to him. So we go home and do the rest of our normal Sunday evening things. we have dinner. and then head out for an appointment. The family wasn't home and not knowing what to do we decided to call hermano Espinosa and see if we could get his notebook back to him. We called and he invited us to go visit some people with him. We gladly accepted. We visited a member and then he took us to a nonmembers home and introduced us to them. They are work friends of his. He introduced us and we started straight into a lesson. I was mind blown the whole time and it was so amazing to see member missionary work in action. Because Hermano Espinosa and this family already had a relationship the listed differently than they would have if we would have just knocked on their door. We taught an amazing restoration lesson and the family has great potential. they said they would read the Book of Mormon too! So the reason that this is such a huge miracles is because all week we had been really struggling to get lessons in. All of them were falling through. So when we were able to teach a lesson with a member there and it was something we didn't plan for at all, we both knew that the hand of the Lord was in it. all because Hermano Espinosa left his notebook in the chapel.

Its been a good week. I am super excited for the one to come. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Last day with Hermana Medeiros!! I love you girl!!!!!!!

me and both of my "daughters" 

more transfer fun!! this are the two elders that I came out with! 

The new spanish crew!!!!! Welcome Hermana Applegate and Elder Barret!

Hermana Applegate's first day biking! 

Yup :) We are having fun already 

service project at stake youth conference

this was our youth conference group we had so much fun spending the day with these crazy kids. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 67: Mija is going to TEXAS!!!!

We have transfers this coming week and there is going to be a lot of changes happening here in OKC. Hermana Medeiros is getting sent to the most southern area in the mission. Wichata Falls Texas!!!! My baby is going to Texas. I am really excited for her. Elder Barry and I both get our greenies tomorrow. We are both really excited. It has been a crazy crazy week as always. Missionary work will never leave you bored.

Monday: Monday night I got my trainers call. Elder Van Halder called me and told me that I would be training. woohoo! I am so excited. It will be good. I am really sad that I have to say goodbye to Hermana Medeiros, but I am excited for the adventures that are about to come.

Tuesday: Ok. biggest miracle of my life. I don't know if yall remember Genoveva. She is the little 9 year old girl that got baptized about a year ago. Well I love this girl with all my heart. So after she was baptized craziness in her family went down and she ended up getting taken from her mom and sent to live with her dad in Texas. We had lost all contact with her. I haven't heard anything about her for about 10 months. So now flash forward to Tuesday. I am sitting in the car with the Ochoa family and the elders when a Utah number calls. A little confused I answered. All the voice on the other end said was, "I did a bad thing." I knew instantly that it was Hermana Snowden!!!!!!! I got soo excited. She then told me that she had found information on Genoveva. I instantly started crying. Snowden told me that she had Hope's (the mom) number, Carlitos' (the brother) number, the dads name and the address where she is living!!! I couldn't hold back the tears. (at this point everyone in the car is dead silent as I cry my eyes out. I'm pretty sure they thought someone had died for the first little bit because all I could say was, "are you serious?") I have never been so happy. I wanted to drop everything right then and go to Texas and find her. We are going to find her. I am going to get to see my little Genoveva again. thank you Snowden for calling :) It pretty much made my whole mission! I know we will see her again :)

Wednesday: I had trainers meeting on Wednesday. That is a meeting with President Walkenhorst to help us prepare to train a new missionary. It was SO good. Everything that was said was perfect for me. He stated how each of us has "our bag of bricks".  The bag of bricks is our troubles, doubts, pains, sicknesses, weaknesses, worries, and everything else. He said as a trainer we forget about our bag of bricks and pick up our companions and help them carry it. As we help others carry their bricks we can trust that the Savior will carry our bag of bricks. I loved it. The Savior is there every step of the way to help us with our load. He wants us to. As missionaries we forget about ourselves and get to work. that is our life. I was able to reflect a little bit and I have seen that what President Walkenhorst said is true. The Savior really helps us.

Thursday: A good good day that was very very windy!!! We biked about 2 miles to an apt ant 11 and then biked 2 miles home. On the way home some members stopped us and took us to lunch. I had my first Gyro. Then we planned for next week. Dinner with Rosa and Miguel. We had flautas, Elder Barry's favorite! then we biked to the Deleon's house. We taught little Adriana and Gabby the 10 commandments. So much fun. then we biked south about a mile and a half in the strongest wind I have ever seen in my life!!! We were biking into the wind too. It was super hard. We biked to a lesson. The lesson was good. It was with the  Luiz family. They are from Provo Utah!! so they already new a lot about Mormons and had been to church over there before, they aren't baptized though... they were little angles and at the end of our lesson they threw our bikes in the back of their Yukon xl (yes they really drive a Yukon xl) and drove us home.

Friday: Exchanges! It was my fifth day in English land. It was quite interesting. no one we tried was home, but we sure tried a lot of people! I went with Sister Jensen who goes home tomorrow. And guess what. She is from Weiser Idaho!!! yup! we figured out that her grandma used to give my mom piano lessons when she was little. It's such a small world. It was fun. so shout out to all our Weiser Idaho folks!! Love yall!

Saturday: I was back with Hermana Medeiros. it was so good to be with her again. So I want to tell yall about an awesome lesson we had with a lady named Iris Garcia. Oh man. Golden. We walked in and sat down. We chit chatted for a little bit. we laughed, I spilt my water all over her carpet, then we started the lesson. She was so open and so prepared to hear our message. She told us that she was abandoned with her brothers as a kid in El Salvador and that her and her brothers went to a shelter where they met missionaires for the first time. She said she remembers them helping her and her brothers and having fun with them. Then she grew up and moved to Maryland where she worked cleaning a Marriott hotel. She said that every room she cleaned she had to make sure that there was a Book of Mormon in one of the drawers. She said that she always wanted to read one, but that they were always in English. She told us that she believed everything that we told her and that she would read the book of Mormon. It was a really cool miracle.

Sunday: Sunday I received major answers to prayers. Earlier in the week I was reading
the consecrated missionary talk. There part where it talks about our "old Goliaths" and it really hit me hard. We all have our "goliaths" that we battled with before we came out on our missions. I do NOT want to go home and be conquered by the same Goliaths that haunted me when I was home. I want them to go away and I know that now is the perfect time to gain the tools to conquer them. To be able to do that I must change my nature. Like we talked about in Trainers meeting I must change my thoughts to be the thoughts of the Lord. That's not easy. I found Proverbs 16:3. It says: "Commit‍ thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts‍ shall be established." As we work and think of others our thoughts become more like His. A perfect time to align our will and thoughts with the Fathers is in the sacrament. I don't feel like I fully understand and use the sacrament for all it's worth. That is something that I really want to learn to understand better, the sacrament. On Sunday I went into sacrament meeting looking for help to know what to do with all of this that I have said. Since the Lord is perfect, he answered my prayers. The talks that sunday were about the sacrament. I learned so much from the faithful women that spoke. I think my favorite thing that was said was that we committed when we were baptized to take upon us the name of Christ. So durning the sacrament we renew that commitment. Hermana Martinez said "It's as if Christ were asking you, what have you done with my name this week?" That is a question I can always ask myself. I am going to do more good with Christ's name this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I'll talk to you next week!

Hermana Hilton

 Hermana Medeiros te quiero tan mucho. I love you so much! It's sad to say goodbye, but you are going to love your new area so much. These have been some of my most favorite transfers ever. you have a special spot in my heart. I honestly will never be able to fully express my love for you!!!! Work hard and have fun! #onwardandupward

Dinner with Reymundo! This kid is pretty awesome. he leaves for BYU Hawaii next week. It will be sad to see him go. shout out to Uncle Red! see ya on the flip side

Ribs at the Guerreros!!! halla!

This is another lady we are teaching. We were teaching her son Erik, but she keeps answering the door. One day she asked us to sit down and we talked about the gospel for about an hour. It was really good!

This is Rosa! yup we are still teaching her. We had an amazing lesson with her. The only problem was she was kinda drunk. so We are praying that what we talked about she will be able to remember. and for the record, I hate the smell of Corona.

In the car with the Ochoas! This is their little girl Melissa and the Spanish missionary crew!

The members that saw us on our bikes on Thursday and took us out to lunch

Teaching little gabby and Adriana the ten commandments!

the Luiz family that so kindly drove us home when the Oklahoma winds would have killed us on bikes!

The pool outside our apt window opened....... It kills me!!!!!

This is Gabriela and Raul! the cutest little family ever!

comp unity!!! Last p day together.... so sad