Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 76: blessings, drugs, great danes, and hospital visits.

Well fam bam and friends. after this email there will only be one more left and I will be home with yall!! it's crazy. I still don't feel like it is going to really happen. In hard times of your mission, going home is something you want to come so quickly, but when you get the the point when you can count how many days you have left on two hands, you wish they were months and not days. I can't explain it. It just sneaks up on you so quick!!!

This week was a good one. Buckle up because it is kind of a wild ride!

Tuesday the 26th: We went over to Reyna's house with the elders to give her house a blessing. She said that they (Reyna and her roommate Luli) have been seeing weird things and that they wanted the house to be blessed. So that's what we did. Elder Barry said an amazingly powerful prayer to bless the house. The spirit was so strong you guys. I almost felt like if I would have opened my eyes there would have been the spirit as a person standing there in front of us. Elder Barry finished and no one said anything. It was silent for a good long while. Finally we asked Reyna and Luli how they felt. (background on Luli: she isn't a member and has been friends with Reyna forever. She has slowly warmed up to the missionaries and this was the first "experience" with us she has had) Luli started crying and opened her heart to us. This was a lady that 6 months ago was calling us children of the devil. she told us that she was feeling the spirit and she told us about her life. She told me about her daughter that got killed a couple years back. She opened up to us about her worries and her questions. It was so cool to see a woman feel the spirit and realize what it is.

Wednesday the 27th: We had exchanges so sister Washburn joined Hna Applegate and I. Itwas really fun. we went throughout our day and nothing too crazy happened. We had an appointment with Rosa at 8pm. So we head over there and Rosa's friend is standing at the door and she looks really scared. She waved for us to come in but I had the feeling, stay outside. So I didn't go in. She started telling us that her exboyfriend had been calling her and telling her that he was going to come with his "friends" and kidnap her. She was so scared. We didn't know what to do.... so we talked with her for a little bit and then called the elders. They told us to get out of there! man I was so freaked out! This lady was shaking because she was so scared and she kept looking out the door every two seconds to see if he was coming. Thankfully rosa's daughter showed up so we were able to leave. As we were walking out we asked Rosa's daugher if this lady did drugs and she said yes. so lesson learned. DONT DO DRUGS! It was crazy to feel the difference when the spirit wasn't there in the house. It made me determined to live my life in a way that I can always feel the spirit.

Thursday the 28th: Hermano Cabello came out teaching with us and we drove out to Mustang to go visit a member there. We got there and thank goodness they were home! We visited the family Chavez. They are super cool. As we are talking with Hermano Chavez he tells us that he has a Great Dane. I didn't believe him. So he goes out to the garage and brings in his huge Great Dane! that dog wasn't a dog! it was a horse!!!! I was blown away by how huge it was. So as some of you know I am allergic to fur, so you can imagine that I walked out of that home with Great Dane slobber and fur alllll over me and two swollen, itchy eyes! Haha it was way worth it though :) On the way back home Hermano Cabello bought us pizza and we sang hymns in the car with him while we waited fore the pizza.

Friday the 29th: Nothing too crazy. Hermana Applegate stayed home with a sick sister and Hermana Hernandez and I went out and worked. We attempted to have an English class, but no one showed up... fail. We had a lot of fun at dinner with the Ramirez family though!!!

Saturday the 30th: Hermana Applegate didn't feel too good, so we took it easy. In the morning we helped Hermana Escobar with her yard. We took apart a tree and there were sooooo many spiders!!! it was gross. The tree had been on the ground and had black mold all over it, so we were super careful! It was pretty nasty though. Then we went out with Nery and visited a bunch of people. Nery dropped us off at our dinner apointment with the Rodriguez family. We had a lot of fun at their house! their son Adrian is in a band and he busted out the guitar and played my favorite song in the world!!! Bubble toes!! we jammed and then read in the book of mormon with them. They are very sad that I am leaving because we have gotten really close with that family. Adrian gave me his guitar pic! That was huge. I will miss them.

Sunday the 31st: the the craziness begin. Hermana Applegate didn't feel good at all, so we called Sister Mansell and she told us to go to the doctor. So at 8 am we loaded up into the car and headed to the Urgent care. The urgent care doctor said that he was worried that she had a blood clot in her lung, so he sent us to the ER! we called sister mansell and told her what was going on and she referred us to a different office. We went and as we pulled up there wasn't a single car in the parking lot. We figured we would try it anyways. So we walk up to the door and it is unlocked. We walk in and the alarm system goes off!!! someone forgot to lock the front door and we had just "broken into" a hospital!!!! Oh man I was dying of laughter! I couldn't believe that three missionaries had just broken into a hospital on a Sunday! What the!? so we waited for the police to show up and we explained to them what had happened. Luckily they believed the three girls in skirts carrying bibles. haha So we head to a different ER and Hermana Applegate is admitted. Then start the blood test and the x-rays and the cat scans. We were at the ER from about 10 am to 2 pm. When all the tests came back we found out that Herman Applegate has pneumonia and not a blood clot in her lungs, so that was good news. All the members were freaking out and calling and texting us the entire day. It was good to know that the cared so much about us and about Hermana Applegate, they were really sweet. I was on the phone the whole day talking to members. after they released her from the hospital we headed home and Hermana Applegate got a blessing. we let her rest for the rest of the day and Hermana Hernandez and I found ways to entertain ourselves.

So after a week of crazy experiences I am so grateful for this life. I am so grateful that we have technology to help us! I am especially so grateful that Hermana Applegate is ok. Yes she is sick, but it isn't something deadly. It is times like these that we really grow together and help each other. I love my Savior who understands everything that we feel. I know he is real. He loves me and he loves you.

Until next week :)
Hermana Hilton

This is jose martinez aka Ricky martin. 

Reyna made us food after we gave her house a blessing!!! love this lady!!

The cavez family and their humungo dog!

Hno Cabello
And Reymundo. This kid headed out to Hawaii!! have fun!
service at Hermana Escobar's house. So many spiders. 
I thought this one was going to eat me.... 

Breaking into a hospital!!!
And finally finding the ER
wanna trade hair?
This is what I mean by Hermana Hernadez and I found ways to entertain ourselves haha

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