Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 21: Good food, Loud music, and Good company

hola everyone! How are you all doing? Good? Good! Me too! Fiestas out the wazoo this week! It has been a ton of fun. There was a wedding, a quince, and an 80th birthday party. Let me tell you something I learned about Hisipanics this weekend, THEY KNOW HOW TO PARTY!!!!

On Friday a member in the branch, (Angel Moroni and Laquana) got married (yup, that's really his name). They invited us to go to their sealing and it was amazing. That is the second sealing that I have been too. They are so amazing! I think it is so cool that we have the ability to be sealed together forever with our families. But after the sealing, we went over to congratulate them and Angel went in for a hug!! Haha It was so funny because as he realized what he was doing he got super awkward. Hilarious! But we got a selfie with the bride at the temple! That night we went to their reception, and man... good food! loud music! good company! and a whole ton of fun! We left in enough time to get home by curfew, but we found out that the party went on till 2am! 

Then to top it off, on Saturday, a youth in our ward was having her quince and she invited us! My first Quince.... holy cow! They go big or go home! it was crazy! She had a carriage cake and they fed everyone a bounteous meal and there was a DJ (who is a member of our branch too!) It was so fun! again, good food, loud music, good company. There was a bunch of members and less actives there, so I got to meet a lot of less actives that I've never met before! It was the bomb!

After the Quince we went to Hno Gomez's 80th birthday party. There was again good food, loud music and good company. They also had a Mariachi band! It was so much fun!

We have had some amazing miracles with our investigators this week too. We found this lady named Loami. She is from Guatemala. She has three little kids and is super duper cute. She was outside her apartment playing with her kids when we found her. She has so much interest in the gospel and she told us that she just wants to keep learning more. Fun story about her. The first time that we gave her the Book of Mormon we invited her to read it. When we came back she was in Mosiah 14!!! I'm not positive how much she read, but I know she read a lot! She loves the Book of Mornom and she loves that fact that we have a prophet today. It has been so cool to see her progress and see her excitement for the gospel. The Lord really does prepare people. And the spirit is so real!!!

Hermana Snowden and I are still the bestest of friends here on the mission and we always have the best of times! We have so much fun together. I love her so much!  I love you all so much too! Say yes to Christ!!!

Hermana Hilton

PS Have fun in Norway!!!!!!

Selfie with the Bride!!!!!!!
Selfie with the DJ!! DJ Jose!

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