Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 23

Monday: District P-day. We had a water fight and this super cool park. It was so much fun. Elder Cummings ended up dumping a whole gallon of water on top of my head!! Ahh! but it was a blast. Then I went home with my STL Sister Hamm for exchanges! A day in English land! woop woop! We had dinner with this family and it was so much fun. They mom was gone, so she left everyone else to cook dinner. We had fajitas. When she came home, everything that went bad the kids blamed on the dad. It was way funny.

Tuesday: Exchanges continue. We visited a bunch of people and then went and painted for a lady in the English ward. She has really bad anxiety, so she stresses and overthinks everything. It was so funny. We got there and it literally took us 45 minutes to get started painting. The lady was super nice, just a little stress ball. To calm herself down she turned on Frank Sinatra and sang at the top of her lungs. So funny.

While I was on exchanges in English land, guess what happened in Spanish land!?!?!?!!? Hna Snowden and Hna Belteton when and visited Maria Mendez. As they were talking with her something clicked in her brain about how she needs the gift of the Holy Ghost for her baptism to be complete and she accepted a baptismal date!!! August 22nd!! When they told me I literally started crying. That was one of the happiest moments ever.

Wednesday: We got a referral from a member and we visited her today. Her name is Laura and she just lost a baby. She is going through a super hard time, but it is the perfect time for the gospels message of happiness and hope! She knows without a doubt that her baby is with God. Her faith in Christ is amazing and I already have so much love for her!

Thursday: Red cross, weekly planning, we taught mission prep. And then we had a lesson with Roberto!!!! He is a new investigator and he is so amazing. He has been prepared by the Lord. He is from Honduras. He took the missionary lessons in Honduras 2 years ago and then moved here to the states. He told us that he really wants to learn more about God and how he wants to learn everything the missionaries in Honduras taught him again. He asked us a bunch of awesome questions, and it was just amazing! He has a baptismal date for the 29th of August!!! I am super duper excited! He is super super cool!

Friday: Well I did a "photo shoot" with a crazy less active Maynor. It was a blast! And then we visited a bunch of people. Sad news..... Flor no longer wants to meet with us. She got a job and told us that she doesn't have time any more for the missionaries. It was super heartbreaking. It is hard to see people start to see the blessings of living the gospel, and then turn away from the very source that blesses them. I know that one day she will want to learn again.

Saturday: Well this day was crazy. We had a Stake breakfast. Esteban came and so did Laura and all of her kids! They had an awesome time and it was a lot of fun. After this activity we went and helped a member family clean out their back yard. I left with muddy fingernails and about 100 bug bites. Woohoo! Later that night we went to visit Roberto and invite him again to church. As we were there, Genoveva (the little girl who got baptised about 2 months ago) ran up to me and gave me a big hug and said, "I love you!" It was so sweet and so genuine, that I couldn't hold back a tear.  I love that little girl so much. She is the world to me.

Sunday: ROBERTO CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! and he looooovvvveeeedddd it! IT was amazing! he participated in sunday school and everything. It was super duper awesome! I can't wait to keep teaching him and seeing him progress. We talk about the elect a lot as missionaries, and Roberto is one of the elect!

I love you all so much and am super excited for this next week!

Peach out girl scout!
Hna Hilton

Yeah... she stuffed a cupcake in my face, so I got her back!!!! Big time!!!! mwahhahaha

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