Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 26: Even with cabin fever, the church is true and the book is blue!

This week has been an adventure.... And I have never been so happy as I am right now!!!!

Monday: pday! we had a zone p-day and we played water kickball. They had kiddie pools for the bases and a slip-n-slide for home plate. super fun! I got really wet. Then that whole evening we had a zone training. So pretty much a whole bunch of missionaries get together and our leaders help us become better missionaries . It was super spiritual. We talked about setting expectations. Something that I learned that really stuck out to me was this: If the Lord didn't have expectations for us (or commandments) Then he would cease to be God. If we didn't have commandments, there wouldn't be a God. But there is a God and He loves us, so he gives us His expectations (the commandments) so that we can be happy! It was a pretty cool thing to think about.

Tuesday: I entered prison today..... ok. not really, but at times it felt like it! Hna Ryan got super duper sick. She had a really bad migraine headache and was super duper nauseous. So we stayed home. I felt super bad for her. We had her in our bedroom with blankets over the windows so the light couldn't come in. I tried to be as quiet as I possibly could. Trying to stay entertained when you have to be silent is really hard to try to do. haha This was day one of my sentence....

Wednesday: Day two... I haven't seen the outside of the four walls of our house for over 30 hours now.... That's when your brain starts playing tricks on you and you find really weird things to do to entertain yourself. I may or may not have made some music videos.... umm... called the elders and talked to them to try to get some sort of human interaction. umm... made some scripture cases. cleaned the house.... really really weird selfies......  and yeah. It was an adventure!  

Thursday: Day three..... I should have carved tally marks into the wall or something. Same thing today. Trying to entertain a very bored person who feels like the walls are slowly closing in on her..... AHHH!!! haha On a more spiritual note, It was an awesome time to learn about the scriptures. My testimony of the Book of Mormon grew so much in these three days because I have had so much time to dive into them. To read with intent and question them. The words in the Book of Mormon are so powerful. They are here for us. The book of mormon is true!!!!! I challenge you all to read it every day! Just do it!

Friday: Hna Ryan was feeling better so we went out and did a little bit of work today! I realized going out and working after 3 and a half days of being inside how much I really love this work. And also how much it is really changing me. It was so exciting to go outside and talk to people about this gospel that brings me so much joy and happiness!

Saturday: Because of this day, I know that you never really get lost on your mission. The Lord just confuses your mind so that you can be led to the people who are ready for your message. We were in the wrong area, an area that we weren't planning on being, but we were there so we decided to knock some doors. We were able to get in with this family the Salzar's and talk to all of them! it was super cool!

Sunday: One of the best days of my mission so far.
We have been teaching Roberto, who is going to be baptized the 29th of August!!! woop woop! Y'all, it has been truly a privilege and a blessing to be able to witness his conversion. He has such a strong desire to change, to be better. Last week when we talked with him, he was a really nervous about his baptismal date. He said he felt that it was too early and that he wasn't ready. So this week we talked with him about the doctrine of Christ and what it means to be freed from sin and to truly change, or repent. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! Talk about the SPIRIT in a lesson! Seriously, the change that visibly came over him with that lesson was so powerful to see. He testified of each and every point and he just loves God and the gospel. To see someone tell you that they know that God is real and to have someone tell you that they know that this is the church of God is so cool. It was so emotional! This big burly guy teared up and everything! We asked him again, at the end of the lesson, if he was ready and looking forward to his baptismal date. This time he said that he was still nervous but super excited!!!!!!!! He wants to change his life, he wants more, he wants to do all that God asks him. He wants it so much! It's incredible!!! I don't know how to tell you guys. The Gospel changes lives. It does. There is no other explanation. I love this work so much!

I love you all!!!!
Hna Hilton

Hna Ryan and I being super super super duper excited and on spiritual cloud nine sunday night!!

bored, so we gave Jullian clothes!

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