Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 24: Transfers: Adios Hermana Snowden :(

I found out Saturday night that Hna Snowden is finally leaving me. I love that girl so much and I am going to miss her so much, but she is going to do amazing in her new area! Hna Ryan is going to be joining me here in the OKC 4th Spanish Branch! woop woop! I am excited to get to work with her, but here is a quick overview of the week we had :)

Monday: We had another huge water fight with all of the missonaries! It was a ton of fun. I got SOAKED!

Tuesday: We went and visited Amparo. Sad news..... She is moving back to Mexico. so that was the last time we were able to see her. We made her promise that she would find the missionaries down in Mexico and she told us that she wanted to come to our weddings! haha (That won't happen for a while...... marriage? what's marriage?) but it was pretty sad to have to say goodbye to her.

Wednesday: Biking day! We decided to venture out of the nice comfort of the air conditioned Corolla and ride our bikes! It was hot and fun! It is such a struggle to ride a bike in a skirt! But it is so much fun! We get so many funny looks.

Thursday: Red Cross! We took pictures with our main man Uncle Roy! He is from England and we work with him every week at red cross. he is a lot of fun and has the funniest laugh ever!

Friday: We got to teach Genoveva today. We taught her about the Holy Ghost. As we were talking about it ,she told us, "The Holy Ghost makes me feel happy!" With this big huge grin on her face. She knows what's up. The Holy Ghost really is the thing that makes us the happiest. Genoveva doesn't have the best life at all... But she knows that the church and the spirit make her happy. I love that girl so much. She is the best.

Saturday: The Elder's investigator, Cesar, got baptized! It was such a happy day! After the baptism was done and Cesar came out from changing, he walked out in a white shirt and tie and he looked so good! The light of Christ literally was shining off of him and man it was just super cool, beyond description. That was such a cool experience.
That night we also knocked into the Salzar family! There are so cool! the Husband just went through a lot of health stuff and lost his leg because of it. The mom is super cool and they have 5 kids all between 18 and 11. We are going back to teach them this next week and I am super excited! It is going to be an awesome experience!

Sunday: Angelica and Roberto came to church!!! woop woop! Roberto has been participating in classes and loves everything about church. He told us the other night that he wishes that he could get baptized sooner! We taught him the plan of salvation and he loved it. He is on fire right now and we meet with him and teach him almost every night! He came to Cesar's baptism and absolutely loved it! AHHH!!!! Roberto is so sick!!!!!!!

Well that was this past week. It was a lot of fun. There are going to be a lot of changes this coming week, but I am super excited. I found a new favorite scripture! Alma 37: 44-45 Read it! its really good.

Have a wonderful week!
Hna. Hilton

Ps. I got a wonderful box in the mail from my family! Thanks so much family! Thanks Susan for the waterbottles!!! I love them so much! And Hna Snowden loves her's too! We use them everyday! Thanks for the 13-page letter Mckay! and I loved all the Norwegian food Mom and Dad!!  thank you so so so so so much!!! I love you all so much!!!!

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