Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 33: General confercia

Where do I start. Conference was so good. I really hope everyone got to listen to all of the talks and enjoyed them as much as I did. They were amazing. I have been asked a ton of times what my favorite talk was, and honestly I can not tell you. They were all so good. I am super excited to apply what I have learned though! For example, simplifying life, and ponderizing! It am so pumped! woohhoo! and on top of that it was an awesome week!

Monday: we had an FHE with a member and an investigator. It was really fun to connect with the member family (familia Fox) and also see the members help and support our investigator. Super super awesome

Tuesday: We met with our Group Relief Society president and had a "vision" meeting which pretty much means that we talked about our goals for the relief society. It was so so good! Our relief society president is so amazing. She was called about 3 months ago and is doing awesome.  Fun fact. I was looking at when everyone in the group was baptized, and there are only 3 people who have been baptized longer than 3 years.

Wednesday: So miracle time. On Tuesday the English elders found this man named Bartolo. They don't speak spanish, so they invited him to the Book of Mormon class that they have on wednesday and explained that there would be some there to translate. (This is a cool part) HE CAME! He showed up on wednesday night for book of mormon class!! We pulled him aside and he just started breaking down talking about all of his difficulties right now and how he needs God. He told us how a while ago he decided he needed a church, any church, so he went out looking for one. He looked and looked and couldn't find anything not a single church. (which is really really surprising here in Oklahoma because there is literally a church on every corner!) But he came home after this search and saw two elders walking around in his apartment complex. He told us that in that moment, he knew that whatever church those two young men went to was the one he needed to join. He didn't talk to the elders that day and he said he couldn't find any. UNTIL!! He ran into our english elders on tuesday! How crazy is that! Man. I was blown away, literally left speechless after he told us that. After talking to him and helping him through some tough stuff that he has going on, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he promised he would read it every day. He told us that he wants to be baptized. He had to leave for Kansas this weekend so sadly we haven't been able to meet with him again, but we have been talking every day and he loves the gospel. He tells us every day how his prayers are being answered. It is so cool. His name is Bartolo. I don't know if is mentioned that.. haha

Thursday: Merry Octubre! Man I can't believe it is already here. Today we had Zone Conference. Which is when all the missionaries (I think there were about 50) get together and we are trained by the Mission President and his APs. It was waaaayyyy good!  We also got to teach Jossie and her mom about the plan of salvacion. It was so so powerful. They loved everything about it. The spirit is such an amazing teacher.

Friday: Another miracle! so Javier. He is a member of about 1 and a half years and he is our group mission leader. He is preparing to go on a mission. We went over there to talk to him and have a lesson. We started talking and he opened up a ton. He  told us about how a couple nights ago he was debating not going on a mission (His papers are allllmost done) And he didn't know what to do, but he said he was doubting going on a mission. So he decided to pray to try to figure out what to do. That next morning Hna Bryant (my comp) and I got up and sent out our daily scripture text. We decided to add some random people and Javier was one of them. I don't remember picking the scripture or sending it to him, but he got it and read it. He told us that it was a direct answer to what he had been praying for. It was so cool to see immediately the blessings of following the spirit. Even when you didn't know it was a prompting of the spirit! It might seem kinda small, but it was really really cool.

Saturday: GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! enough said!!! In between for lunch all of us missionaries made crapes at the church. It was a blast.

Sunday: CONFERENCIA GENERAL ROUND 2!!!!! Man I love conference so so so much. It was so good. We are so blessed to have living prophets that we can listen to every six months. That really love us and care for us.

Ok. Now thinking about what talk was my favorite I have to say hands down the one by Elder Holland. I am so very grateful first for my Savior, and Second form my mother. Mom you are such a strength to me. You really are like a Savior here on this world for me. Without you I would be nothing. Your support and loves pulls me through some of the hardest times. In the darkest of times your light mom, is what keeps me going. I love you so much and am forever indebted to you and also to my Savior I love you so much.

I hope we all take the time and effort to reread or relisten to all of the wonderful words we have heard this weekend. I love you all so much! And I love my Savior and my mom more than anything!!!

These are all the crazies that I live with! They are the best!

Zone conference!!! This is Elder Balch. He has changed my life!

yup.... we are weird!

Another day out knocking doors in a trailer park!

Sometimes you have to make knocking on doors fun :) I now have a weird obsession with motorcyles parked in crazy places! haha

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