Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 34 #ThugMormon

I have absolutely no idea what ##ThugMormon is, but we went over to a members house for dinner and that was all that they talked about! haha I offically don't know what all the "awesome" kids are doing these days. Haha  Minus finding out that I am getting way behind the times, this week was a blast. A few highlights.

At this same members house, after dinner we played the paper bag game. Holy cow it was sooo much fun. It sounds really weird, but this is how it goes. There is a brown paper sack in the middle and you all take turns picking it up with your mouth. After you pick it up with your mouth you rip the part that you touched off and then the next person goes. Here is the catch. Only your feet can touch the ground. As you get further into it, it gets super hard because the bag gets really close to the ground. It was a blast.

We did a lot of service this week. We dusted doors and Habitat for Humanity. We helped Hno Gonzales put up a fence around his house. That was a blast. Digging holes and measuring things and eating a lot of watermelon. We also helped Adriana (a less active member) strip her whole house out so that she can remodel it. So pulling out all the flooring and baseboards and everything!  Super super fun.

We got to meet with Bortolo. And OMGosh!!! It was amazing. We weren't planning on having a lesson with him, but he called us up and asked if we could meet. We didn't have anything specific going on, so we said "Claro que si!" (For sure!) So we met him at the church that night. We had come straight from dinner with the Gonzales family and on the spur of the moment we asked their daughter Karen if she wanted to come with us. (later we find out that this spontaneous act was inspired) We get to the church and decided to do a little church tour. Man. It was so amazing. Bartolo loved the whole building. We ended in the chapel and before we entered we explained to him that this the most sacred room in the building and that when he walked in he would feel the spirit. Then we walked in. The spirit hit us all like a brick wall. Like a punch in the face that felt like a warm hug. I don't know how else to explain it. It was SO strong. When Bartolo walked in he literally let out an audible gasp. He didn't know what to do. We sat down and talked about the sacrament and baptism. Karen was with us and she was baptized about 3 years ago. We asked her to bare her testimony about her baptism and the church. Holy powerful. Bortolo cried and cried. We committed him right then and there to be baptized. And he told us, "Hermanas, este es todo que quiero, SI!!" (Sisters, this is everything that I want, YES!) We committed him to be baptized on the 5th of December. He was so excited for this and told us that he would do everything possible to make it happen. Guys. if this isn't proof enough that Christ is real and that God has restored His church, I don't know what is. You can not deny the spirit once you have felt it. It is a sin. I have felt that spirit. I felt it stronger that I ever have there in the chapel in Stillwater Oklahoma with my companion, a young girl and a man who has been looking for the truth his whole life and is now finally finding it. For my whole life I have taken for granted the truthfulness of this gospel. For my whole life I have take for granted the power of the Spirit. No more. I will no more take this gospel for granted. No more will I take the Spirit and its power for granted. I cannot because if I do I will deny God himself. I know that God is real. He is my Father. He loves me. He loves Bartolo. He loves you. Alma 29:1

O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people  

This is the wish of mine heart also.I love you all, but more importantly God loves you. Never forget it.
Hermana Hilton

 Out knocking doors in Cushing!!! I love El Libro De Mormon!

Halloween is officially here! Knocking doors just got a little bit scarier.... haha

Early morning run!!

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