Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 49: The Lord's Hand is in Everything

Monday and Tuesday:
All evening Monday and all day Tuesday I packed to head to my new area and I said goodbye to all of my friends and family here in Stillwater.  On Tuesday night we taught Rosi and Juan one last lesson. We talked to them about the temple. It was outstanding. We found out that Rosi's mother was endowed in the temple and attended regularly! holy cow! my mind was blown. The whole lesson we could see Juan's little brain cells working and all the gears in his head start to work. Things are starting to make sense to him! Que milagro! It was a very spiritual last lesson with that family that I love so much. Later that night Hna James surprised me and took me to Keaton Carter's house where I was able to play the cello! That was the first time in a year that I have been able to sit down and play and let me tell you it was amazing! Thanks Hna James and Keaton :) I love both of you!

Transfers. I packed my whole life into the back of the elders car and we drove down to Moore for transfers. There I said goodbye to Hna James and Hna Snowden. Man.... It was really hard. Hna Snowden is being transferred... home! Back to Utah! I wish you the best mama and I know you will do so many amazing things! Hna James got her new trainee and headed off. I hugged her goodbye and drove of with my new companion Hna Hunt. We instantly got to work. We went and visited a less active. She is the funniest person I have ever met!!!!  After that we got some random stuff down and then we went and visited the De Leon family! They are getting baptized this Saturday!!! So that was awesome to see their fire and get to know them a little bit. Came home and unpacked

So fun fact. we share a car with the Elders, so every other day we are on bikes! woohoo!! So on Thursday we biked 5 miles to go teach the De Leon family :) They are so ready for their baptism on Saturday.

Adriana and Carlos De Leon got married today!!!! They were so happy and their whole family was there to support them. It was a wonderful service that our branch president performed. I wish you could see their faces. So happy! So a little bit about this family. The mom Adriana has been a member for a few years but has been super less active and had a really hard life. She met Carlos about 2 years ago and they have been together ever since. They have three little kids. Adrianita (10) Gabby (5) and Carlosito (6 months) Adrianita and Carlos are being baptized on Saturday. they are so excited and they see the eternal goal which is the temple. I think that is the coolest thing ever

Adrianita and Carlos were baptized!! and that was a miracle!!! I swear everything that could have gone wrong went wrong before the baptism, but the baptism happened  and that was the most amazing thing ever. Here is what happened. We got to the church early to fill the font, and we had the wrong key.... so we called everyone and their dog to try to find the right key, but nobody was answering. After about 30 minutes we got a key and started to fill the font. after it had been filling up for about 15 minutes we went to check on it and it was all yellow... there were bugs swimming in it and it smelled like pee..... So nasty! We found out that this font hasn't been filled for over a year. So that is why that happened! But by some miracle we were able to get it clean enough to perform the baptism. It was a beautiful service :)

Church.......we had over 100 people come to church...... 100 people!!! It blew my mind!!! I couldn't fathom the thought of that many people in a branch! The members are amazing. And I am slowing but surely learning all about them. It is way fun. Adrianita and Carlos got the Gift of the Holy Ghost! They are on fire and love the Spirit.  Another really cool miracle! We went to go visit a less active Sunday night and we found out that her Grandson is living with her. We got there and taught them the restoration and set a baptismal date with her grandson Allen!!! AHH! Miracles are happening. He is 17 and he came to the baptism on Saturday. He told us that after that he decided that he also wants to be baptized. Woohoo!

So I want to say a quick something about the title of this email "The Lord's hand is in everything" To be 100% honest with yall. This week has been one of the hardest ones ever. It has been so hard to leave Stillwater and come to a new area. When I think about the people I have come to love in Stillwater tears come to my eyes. I love them so much. I said goodbye to my two best friends in the whole wide world on Wednesday. (I know I will see them soon, but it's hard not to have them right here with me) I have come to a new area where I don't know a single person. No one. I'm still getting to know my new companion and there is nothing to relate to the world of Stillwater. But each day when I look back, I see the little ways that the Lord puts His hand out and pats me on the shoulder.  A scripture. A member who is really nice. Finding a picture of those you love that you haven't seen in forever. An email from your family. Little things every day. That is how He helps us. That is how He is helping me. Change is never easy, but this life wasn't designed to be easy. It was designed to help us grow and understand the Atonement and the love the Lord has for each of us. I am learning that every day.

I love you all so much and I want to wish my mom the best birthday ever!!! I pray yall are well. Thanks for your constant love and support.

Hermana Hilton

This is the De Leon family on their special baptism day :)

My new companion and I

Saying goodbye to my "mom" I love you Snowden!!!!! I will see ya soon!

Old friends!! this is the OG crew!!! these two elders are the two elders that I came out with! woohoo!!! Shout out to them!

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