Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 62: "Near far, where ever the tornados are”

First off, Irvin and Ashley. Irvin and Ashley are two jovenes. Irvin is 15 and Ashley is 12. They are an INSPIRATION!!!!! When Hermana Hunt was here with me they started coming to Wednesday night sports. Pretty soon after that they started coming to Sundays. For the first little bit I figured that they were members. When I found out that they weren't, my mind was blown. When Hermana Medeiros got here we started teaching them every Monday at 5pm. IT has been really good. So think about this. one day we went over there and the mom told us that she doesn't force or tell them to come to church or anything. They do it all on their own. Imagine this guys. two teenagers who could be doing whatever they want on a Sunday choose to come to church because they love the spirit that they feel there. I remember asking Irvin why he comes and he said that he loves what he learns and just wants to keep learning more. We have met with Irvin 3 times this past week and every time he is progressing so much more. Junior (a member) has taken a huge role in helping Irvin in this journey. Irvin is currently preparing to be baptized the 7th of May. He is really excited and he really wants it. Every time he comes to church or takes a Friday night to come have a lesson with us, I am inspired. When I was his age I definitely didn't appreciate the gospel. I saw it more as an "I have to" rather than an "I want to". I am learning that we are happier when we change our attitudes to "I want to". I am super excited for Irvin and Ashley

Monday: Pday we played basketball at the church with a bunch of missionaries. I decided that I will never be good at basketball. but it's good exercise, so I still play. We went to Ashley and Irvin's house and taught the whole family about the importance of scripture study. Reymundo took us out to chick-fil-a for dinner and we had our appointment and member cancel on us, so we went and knocked some doors.

Tuesday: We went to SouthMoore High School to monitor testing for service. That was actually really boring. The teacher who was in the room with us was really funny and in between tests we got to share a lot about the gospel with her. So that was pretty cool. I'm also pretty sure the I saw the lady from the Mormon message "after the storm".   we found out that Reyna fell at work and had to go to the hospital. She is pretty bad. We went over to give her a blessing. I hope she gets better soon. This was also Elder Schwartz's last day in the area. All the members that were at choir were really sad to hear that he was leaving.

Wednesday: Transfers. We picked up Elder Barry!! He is going to do so well and I am so happy that we get to serve together again. It has been about a year since we served together, so I am really excited. We were in the north together for last year's tornado season and now we are together in the south for this year's tornado season. It should be fun! We visited Reyna to see how she was doing. She is looking bad, but is hopeful that everything will get better. oh..... one more thing (mom don't get mad) I pulled out my camera to take a picture and the SD card inside was gone..... All my pictures gone. We looked everywhere for it and nothing. so yup.

Thursday: We planned and were on bikes for the rest of the day. We got to see the Rodriguez family.  We left their house with burritos for lunch tomorrow :) We were biking through an apartment complex to knock some doors there when these two little girls walk up to us and start talking to us. They ran in side and we though we wouldn't see them again. Them 5 minutes later they walked out with otter pops for each of us. We talked to them about Jesus Christ and they said that they want us to come teach them about Jesus.  So cute :) We taught Rosa De La Cruz and set a baptismal date with her for the 14th of May. She seemed a little nervous but was willing to work for it.

Friday: We had an amazing district meeting. It made me really pumped for this next transfer! We are going to do work!!!!! So the main goal of Friday was to try and find my SD card. We headed straight to the last place it possible could be which was the food bank. I had my cameral there, but with the circumstances and everything in the food bank I kinda figured that it wouldn't be there. I definitely hoped it would be though! So we drove over and said a prayer before we walked in. We asked someone if they had seen anything and he said, nope, but go ask the front desk lady. So a little sad, we went up to the front desk and asked the lady there and she grinned and said "oh yes!! We were trying to figure out whose that was! someone turned it in." I wanted to cry. Prayers are answered.

Saturday: we found this new lady Olivia. She is amazing. We talked to her while she was planting her tree. She was like of course I want you to come over! She told us that she had missionaries coming over a while ago, but that they stopped and she was sad. She gladly invited us back. She has a lot of potential and already wants to learn, which is amazing!!! I'm pumped for that one. We visited Gabriela and she has on her own started to read the book of Mormon again. She was inactive for a long time, but she really wants to come back. She is on fire right now and sends us all of the scriptures she likes via text.

Sunday: We got a new branch mission leader. Hermano Espinosa. He is the past branch president, so he knows just about everyone. So that will be really good. I am pretty excited. We had an FHE with the Deleon family. Then taught Irvin with Junior at the church. Irvin is so excited. He asked Junior to baptize him. It's going to be good.

Yup that has pretty much been the whole week. Its been good. I love the Lord and love this work. AND I LOVE OKLAHOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Hilton

These are the two little girls that brought us otter pops. :) so cute

This was the last time we all played basketball together before transfers. #Oklahoma I will miss this crew

Traditional Ihop breakfast run before transfers

The new OKC 6 squad! This is going to be a good transfer 

Burritos from the Rodriguez family!!!

I got to see one of my best friends at transfers!!! HERMANA JAMES!!!!! Stay beautiful Hermana!!!

got rain? Tornado season is here which means the rain has started as well!!! woohoo!

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