Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 65: Si nosotros cumplimos, podemos tener confianza que Dios va a hacer su parte.

Monday: We had a zone meeting with all the missionaries in the south okc/moore area. So we didn't get to go do proselyting, but we did have a really really good training by Elder Moe and Elder Butterfield. We talked about teaching simply. These people that we are teaching are brand new to learning about our beliefs. About living prophets and the book of Mormon and the plan of salvation and many of the other things we teach. We talked about how we need to teach simply and teach to their needs. It was a very good training. I am trying really hard to teach simply. Its been really good.

Tuesday: We went to the temple again, except for this time we took two less active members! We went with Reyna and Gabriela. It was really good. Reyna and Gabriela hit it off sooooo well. They are now really good friends. It's awesome to see. We were all able to talk a ton at the temple and set a vision for both of them to enter the temple. I am super pumped for both of them. Gabriela brought a cake for mothers day (In Mexico Mothers day is always the 10th) So we took pictures, had a lesson and ate cake. We had a lesson with Irvin that evening and he is doing soo well!!! He is on fire and the happiness is just radiating off of him. We talked about prayer with him. About how important it is that we talk with our Heavenly Father. He told us that is sometimes hard for him to remember to pray. We explained to him 3 Nephi 18:18-20 and that prayer is a commandment. After that he said, "oh.. I didn't know it is a commandment, no worries hermanas! I will pray everyday!" And he has been doing it. He also showed us an alarm set on his phone to remind him to read his scriptures.

Wednesday: We had interviews with President Walkenhorst! They are the last interviews I will have with him before President goes home. I will miss him. He is an inspired man and I have learned so much from him. Pretty much the whole time we talked about how we can help the branch.  Our church attendance is low and families are disappearing. He gave me a bunch of good ideas to bring to our branch presidency. We also talked about how the gospel is individual. He said, "sometimes we put people into these big categories to try and remember everyone, when in reality in the process we lose sight of their individual needs. This gospel is one by one. Christ healed one by one, and we must do the same."

Thursday: I would have to say the highlight of Thursday was getting to see the Deleon family. We haven't been able to get over there forever and I am so grateful that we got in with them this week! I love them so much. the mom, Adriana hasn't come to church in over a month and we were talking to her about it and she told us that she feels the difference in her life. (She is working on sundays) She said "I feel spiritually hungry. I am diving into the scriptures and studying them more that I ever have before and it isn't helping the hunger. I need to come to church" It's so true. It is so important for us to renew our covenants and take the sacrament. She said she was going to try to come this Sunday.

Friday: District meeting, Sister Cook was super sick, so all the missionaries that were there were Spanish missionaries, so we had district meeting in Spanish! That was way fun. We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and we talked to a Jehovah's witness and he completed us on our grooming. It was really funny.

Saturday: We had our branch activity for Mother's Day. IT was a blast! We were supposed to have it outside at a park, but thanks to the crazy Oklahoma weather, it was really cold so we had it at the church. The Elders quorum made a huge barbeque and it was bomb! We had karaoke and music and just all had a good time enjoying each others company. We were on bikes for the rest of the afternoon/evening and we biked soooo much! We tried so many people and no one was home :( we did meet a lady from Italy. That was pretty cool.

Sunday: What a crazy day. Church was a blast because we got to teach primary again. We taught the little kids about when Alma and Amulek got put in jail. They were saying the funniest things! I love being with those crazy little kids. After church Gabriela came out with us. We put an address into her phone of a referral that we had received and it sent us un a wild goose chase. We finally came to the concultion that the address didn't exsist. We had dinner with the Guerrero's and they made tinga!!! that is my favorite food. It is soooo good. So funny thing happened. Reyna brought our investigator Rosa to church. And after sacrament we were talking and Reyna offered to pick up Rosa that evening and bring her to her home for a lesson. We of course were super excited about the idea and quickly agreed! We decided 8pm. So we show up to Reyna's at 8pm and go knock on her door. Her son answers and there is obviously a movie playing in the background. We ask if his mom is home and he said no, but invited us in anyways........ we walked in and quickly realized that he was on a date! We called Reyna and she had forgotten about the appointment. It was really funny. So yup. We crashed a date. And to make it even better we had Hermana Quiroz with us.

I would say the biggest thing that I have learned this week is that if we do everything we can, we do our part to our best ability, we are successful. We can be happy and say we tried our best. It's easy to get discouraged when things don't go how you want them to, but I think that is the beauty of this life, getting to trust the Lords timing. I am grateful to be part of this work. Like Hermana Quiroz always says, "Si nosotros cumplimos, podemos tener confianza que Dios va a hacer su parte."

Les queremos mucho! Se que este evangelio bendice familias. Jesucristo vive. Podemos tener felicidad en este vida si guardamos los mandamientos del Senor. Se que soy una hija de Dios y que el me ama.

Hermana Hilton

I love to see the temple!

 cokarachas at the temple........

The beautiful Oklahoma Sky Monday afternoon

Us and Gabriela at the temple

Pictures with Reyna And Gabriela at the temple!

Eating cake at the temple.

I got bulldozered by Elder Barry at sports and this is the results of it, bruised knees!

The elders quorum cooking up all the meat!

I think this little girl just stole my heart!!

Party time!!!  Happy Mother's Day!!

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