Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week 68: Miracles of the week!

Miracles of the week!!!

Monday: We went to go visit Reyna, but she wasn't home. Luli her roomate answered the door and let us in! huge miracle there because normally she is super cold when we go over. We were able to talk to her and even watch Hope of God's Light with her. Also on Monday evening we got in with Rosa De La Cruz! We had a pretty good lesson where we straight up told her that we are there because we love her. That is what motivates us. Love for god and love for her. She cried. The sad thing was that she was drunk while we were teaching her, so I pray that she can remember something that was said.

Tuesday: An overall good day. We got to see a lot of less actives. We had a freak rain storm in the middle of the day were it rained super super hard. It was crazy. I was so thankful that we were with Hermana Ordonez otherwise we would have been soaked from head to toe! The Lord watches over his missionaries.

Wednesday: Transfers! I said goodbye to Hermana Medeiros and sent her off to Texas. and Hermana Applegate is here with me now!!! I am so excited. a little bit of background information on Hna Applegate. #1 she is amazing! she is from Salt Lake City Utah. She is one of five children. This is the coolest part she is fluent in Spanish!!! she learned her Spanish in Chile. Her Junior year of high school she was a foreign exchange student in Chile. so pretty much she is going to be teaching me how to speak Spanish. I am so excited too because we will be able to jump all the way into the missionary work. There won't be the struggle of not understanding the language for her. I am so excited to work hard with her.

Thursday: We had district meeting on thursday. It messed with my brain so much because normally we have it on Fridays! funny story. at the end of district meeting Hermana Applegate fell backwards on her chair!!! Her legs went straight up in the air!! she was a champ about it though. We have been laughing about it since. Thursday evening we went to go try an investigator, Iris Garcia. She wasn't home, but her husband was. I still am trying to decide if he was bashing or if he really wanted to know about the gospel. He asked alot of probing questions but luckily Hna applegate was able to answer a lot of them! We worked together as a team and he said at the end that he really wants to read the book of Mormon. #missionaccomplished

Friday: We helped out allllllllll day long at the sake's youth conference. we were assigned a groupe of about 20 youth and we walked them through the day. It was fun to go through all the classes with them and to learn with them. There were some kids from our branch that were in our group and I got to know them more which was really fun!

Saturday: Hermana Applegate's first day of full biking! Poor girl her bum hurts so bad from all the biking and her legs are sore, but she is a champ and just keeps going.

Sunday: So we go to church like always right? And everything goes well. We go into the chapel after church and find a spiral notebook that someone left. Not knowing what to do we put it on a shelf. About 2 minutes before we were about to leave Hermano Espinosa (our branch mission leader) calls us. He asks us if we know where it is. We say yes and grab it so that we can give it to him. So we go home and do the rest of our normal Sunday evening things. we have dinner. and then head out for an appointment. The family wasn't home and not knowing what to do we decided to call hermano Espinosa and see if we could get his notebook back to him. We called and he invited us to go visit some people with him. We gladly accepted. We visited a member and then he took us to a nonmembers home and introduced us to them. They are work friends of his. He introduced us and we started straight into a lesson. I was mind blown the whole time and it was so amazing to see member missionary work in action. Because Hermano Espinosa and this family already had a relationship the listed differently than they would have if we would have just knocked on their door. We taught an amazing restoration lesson and the family has great potential. they said they would read the Book of Mormon too! So the reason that this is such a huge miracles is because all week we had been really struggling to get lessons in. All of them were falling through. So when we were able to teach a lesson with a member there and it was something we didn't plan for at all, we both knew that the hand of the Lord was in it. all because Hermano Espinosa left his notebook in the chapel.

Its been a good week. I am super excited for the one to come. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Last day with Hermana Medeiros!! I love you girl!!!!!!!

me and both of my "daughters" 

more transfer fun!! this are the two elders that I came out with! 

The new spanish crew!!!!! Welcome Hermana Applegate and Elder Barret!

Hermana Applegate's first day biking! 

Yup :) We are having fun already 

service project at stake youth conference

this was our youth conference group we had so much fun spending the day with these crazy kids. 

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