Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 71: full chapels and fireman

Monday: We had a training by our zone leaders and it was really good. We talked about dinner messages. So like when we go to members houses and the feed us and we give a message. They are so so so important. We learned how to improve our dinner messages and they gave us new ideas it was fun. For zone p-day we played sports and it got really intense! It was a blast. Elder Barry forgot his shoes and played without shoes. At the end of the day he had a huge blister on the bottom of his big toe that was bleeding everywhere... it was nasty.

Tuesday: We had language study with Hermana Quiroz. She is this older lady in the branch that helps us a lot with our Spanish. I love her with all my heart. So we went over there like we always do, and she told us that she went the the doctor on Saturday.... She has been going deaf and has a lot of other problems. Anyways she sat us down and started telling us what the doctor told her. Pretty much she is having congestive heart failure. Her heart is so tense that a vain popped and her heart is pumping blood into her lungs. I couldn't hold back the tears. I just broke down and cried. Right there with her. Hermana Quiroz wrapped me in her arms and just hugged me and I cried. She told me to not worry. She said she knows that the Lord has a plan for her. She has a mission to fulfill and if that mission is on the other side of the veil, she is ok with it. I have never met a more faithful women. I know no matter what happens she is in the Lords hands.

Wednesday: We had an amazing lesson with Maria Parra (who is less active) and her husband Fransisco (who is an investigator). We watched the restauration video with them. The spirit was so strong. We talked about it afterwards and they loved it. Maria told us that she feels like she has a person on each shoulder. One telling her to stay where she is at and one saying to go back to church. We kept talking and then I invited them to pray to know if they should keep going to the church they are in or come back to the mormon church. With an astonished face this is what she said, "That was the exact question in my head...." the spirit is powerful. When we left she gave us a hug and with a tear in her eye said, "You don't know the help yall gave me."

Thursday: We saw the Gomez parents! So like the parents of Irvin. They were so excited for us to come over. We went with hermana Ordonez. They got along really well. We taught them the plan of salvation and at the end of the lesson invited them both to be baptized on July 23rd! Yesika was super excited. She told us that she knows that the plan of salvation is true and that this church will help her family. To hear your investigator testify of that is one of the most amazing things ever. Aldolfo was a little more hesitant but he said he feels good. Yesika said a super sincere prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help them know if they should be baptized on July 23rd! She even said the date in the prayer!!!!!!!!!

Friday: We had our branch Father's day activity and it was sooo much fun. I just table hopped the whole time and talked to everyone. It was a blast. Yesika and Aldolfo came!!! They had so much fun. when we left the members had all started dancing and the Gomez's got out there and danced too! They had a lot of fun and got to know a lot of members. It was their second time in the church building.

Saturday: I think this was the craziest day of my life.... buckle up. We were in studies when our brand new smoke/CO alarm went off. The apartment wasn't in flames so we assumed it was the CO. We turned the alarm off and then had to head out because we had appointments. So off we went. Gabriela took us and we saw Reyna. We read in the book of mormon with her and as we were walking out I spotted ciggarettes on her shelf.... she saw that I saw them and tried to hide them... dang it... so we found out Reyna is smoking again. Then Gabriela took us to another apt which was amazing! and then we got dropped off at our third apt. We read the book of mormon with the Rodriguez family and wow the spirit was strong. We headed out of there and started walking when this random member from Wichita Falls picks us up and drives us to our next apointment so we didn't have to walk in the super hot and humid weather. We went  through the rest of the day and headed home at about 7 becuase we don't know what is going on with our apt still. So yup we call our leaders and they tell ust hat we have to call 911...... So we called 911. five minutes later that was a fire truck, a fire marshel, an ambulence, and an EMSA truck at our apartment. They cleared the apartment and there was nothing wrong! It was super crazy though because we had gone throughout the whole day playing phone tag with a million people. Our leaders were super super worried for us and then it turned out to be nothing. Because of everything that went down we didn't get to eat dinner so the elders being the good saints that they are brought us Jimmy Johns that was the best sandwich of my life. Oh and on other thing. We got a selfie with the firemen! YES!!!

Sunday: SOOOOOO many people came to church!!! I was sooo happy! oh man. Ready for the list? Gabriela and Raul! the Diaz family! The Chavez family(HUGE surprise there!) The Garcia family! The Rodriguez family! the DeLeon family! the Ramirez family!! aaaaaaaaaaand IRVIN and ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a happy happy day for us at church.

Yup well that was the week. I have about 10 more minutes and then we have to head out to the zoo. I just want you all to know that this church is true. I love being a missionary! There is nothing better!

Leave it up to oklahoma church signs!!!!

Stole Jorge Ramirez's hat! hehe I love this guy!

Got to see Melissa from the north!!!!

Saying goodbye to Reymundo. Thanks for all your hard work! you will be missed!

saying goodbye to President Walkenhorst. He goes home this Thursday. This man has changed my life and I will always love and miss you! 

Yesika and Aldolfo at the fathers day activity

The Gomez's dancing :)

Us calling 911 to figure out what to do with our apartment!

the firemen came in clutch to tell us that everything is ok. #SELFIE

Elders saved our lives and brought us Jimmy Johns! Thanks guys!

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