Monday, March 30, 2015


Yet another crazy week here in the CCM! I can´t believe that my time here is already over. It has gone crazy fast! Tonight I said goodbye to all of my amazing teachers: Hermano Murillo, Hermano Sanchez, Hermano Borgel, Hermano Aguiniga, Hermana Lozano, Hermano Martinez, Hermana Resendiz, and Hermano Cayetano. I am going to miss them so much! They have really changed my life for the better and they all hold such a special place in my heart. Saying goodbye to all the Elders and Hermanas that I have gotten super close to has been super bittersweet too. Hermana Sorenson left at 5 o´clock this morning. It seems almost like a dream. Saying goodbye to the rest of my district at 2 o´clock in the morning is going to be so crazy!!!  I am so excited to go to Oklahoma! I can´t wait to get there and start talking to people!

This Friday all the missionaries that are leaving this week and a bunch of meetings. It was our in-field orientation day. We had meetings allll daayyyy loonggggg! but it was really good. It got me super pumped up for the field. We talked about having faith in ourselves, planning, setting goals, working with members and so much more. I didn´t realize how important the members of the church are in missionary work. As missionaries, we can not do our job to the fullest without the help of the members. Members at home PLEASE get involved in the missionary work in your ward. Get to know the missionaries. I promise that it will bless your life in ways you can´t imagine. Missionary work is amazing!

I had my last lessons with Gris and Germán this week. We taught Germán twice and Griss once. In our first lesson this week with Germán, he said that he no longer wanted to take the lessons. Man... That really ripped my heart out. I didn´t realize how much I loved him until he told us that. He said that he had not lived up to everything that he should be and that he was just wasting our time. It was crazy hard. But by the end of the lesson, with the help of the spirit, we were able to commit him to another lesson. In the next lesson we talked him through a lot of stuff and by the end of that second lesson he decided to keep his baptism date!!! I was so happy!!

I know that this gospel is here because the Lord loves us! I know that it is the only way that we can have true happiness. I can´t wait to share this knowledge that I have with the people in Oklahoma. I know that the Lord loves me and that he loves all of you. I love all of you so much!!!


Hermana Hilton

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