Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week 5!

I got my flight information! I fly out to Oklahoma City next Tuesday morning at 2:30 in the morning. Ahhh!! I am so excited!!! I can´t belive that my time here at the CCM is almost over. It has been so much fun and I have learned and grown so much.

This week, just like them all, has been a crazy adventure. My investigators, Griss and Germán are doing amazing! Germán is making really good progress. He is having a hard time with withdrawls, but he is so strong. The atonement of Christ is so real and it can help us with anything that we need help with, we just have to be willing to humble ourselves and turn to the Lord. I have seen this in Germán´s life and I have seen it in my own. Griss has been doing amazing too! She now has a baptismal date!! April 21st!! I am so happy for her. I don´t know what changed, but last week she was really ify about the whole church thing, and then all of a sudden there was a huge change in her countenance. She went to church with her mom this last Sunday and she has been living the word of wisdom. I can really see her faith growing and I am so excited for her to take the next step and be baptized. Griss is such an amazing woman. I am really going to miss her when I leave Mexico.

This Sunday was a crazy wild spiritual ride! In Relief Society I had the privilege of playing the piano for the opening and closing song. That wasn´t too nerve racking. We talked about thoughts. It is so important to remember that our thoughts are the most important things. Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to beliefs which lead to actions which leads back to thoughts. In relief society we also read through 2 Nephi 4 starting at verse 17. That is a crazy good scripture. Then in Sacrament meeting President talked about the same scriptures. I´m pretty sure that Heavenly Father was telling me to really look into those verses. There is so much truth in those words. Another thing about sacrament meeting.....  I had to give a talk... In spanish!!!!! It was so scary! but overall I think I did a pretty good job. I am getting more comfortable with the language. It is still crazy difficult, but I´m getting the hang of it. Then after an amazing Sacrament Meeting, we had a devotional and guess what I had to do in the devotional! Play the special musical number! for the past couple of weeks I have been working on the part, but I didn´t get much practice time in because of our crazy busy schedule. So I was so nervous. Right before I went up to preform with Hermana Bohn, I said a prayer, and I know that it was that prayer and the help of the Lord that got me through that song. It is just another testimony to me that the Lord cares what we do and cares about the things in our lives. and most importantly that he listens and answers our prayers. Prayer is a gift from God and we can NOT take if for granted. Please please please don´t take the ability tha twe have to talk with Heavenly Father whenever we want, whereever we want and about whatever we want for granted. Take the time to kneel down and talk with the Lord.

WE GOT A NEW DISTRICT THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so amazing!!! I love them so much already. There are six Elders and two Hermanas in the new district. This might sound weird, but when Elder Nielsen when home I felt like our "family" was broken. now that we have this new district and have the priesthood again, I feel like our "family" is whole again. I don´t have pictures this week, but next week I will definitely send you some of the new district. They are the bomb!!!

I am so grateful to be here in Mexcio and to be a missionary of this church. I wouldn´t change it for the world! I hope everything is going well back in the states, and next week I will be joining you there! I love you all so much! Thanks to everyone for the love and the support! I love you all!!

Hermana Hilton

my pretty nasty bruise from playing sky ball with some crazy elders!!

Arm wrestling match!!!  Guess who won?

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