Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One Month In!!!

To be completely honest with you guys, I don´t even know where to start for this week. So much has changed! I guess I will start with the biggest news. Our district is officially an all Hermanas district! Tuesday night after Pday Elder Neilsen told us that he is going home for a surgery. He left on Thursday morning. It was so hard to say goodbye and see him go home. We had become family. So since Elder Neilsen was gone, Elder Reis didn´t have a companion, so they did a transfer and he is now in a different district. We rarely get to see him anymore. It is so weird to not have then and not to have any Elders in our district.

Another fun fact is that we are the only district in our zone right now, so our whole district and our whole zone is completely Hermanas! Its pretty crazy. We get a new district tomorrow! I am so excited! there will be two new Hermanas and 6 new Elders.
The same night that Elder Neilsen told us that he was going home (Tuesday last week), a HUGE storm rolled in. I don´t think I have ever seen a storm so massive! The wind was crazy loud and the rain was horizontal and coming down hard. that went on for about 10 minutes and then it started hailing!! The hail was about the size of my thumbnail! It was crazy and so loud! Now to the cool part of the story. Hermana Prince is absolutely terrified of storms and everything that comes along with storms. So she was having a really really hard time. It got to the point where she was literally sitting in a chair, rocking back and forth, crying, and completely petrified. As I was trying to help her, the thought popped into my head, give her a priesthood blessing. So immediately I ran out of the room and gathered all the Elders from our district and from our stepbrother district. Getting those boys all in the same room is like herding cats! But finally we got them all together and they all stood around Hermana Prince to give her a blessing. Elder Reis gave the blessing and as soon as he started talking, the wind stopped and the hail stopped and the rain decreased dramatically. It was almost unreal. I had to open my eyes to make sure that this was really happening. I know that the power of the priesthood is real. I am so grateful for it and for the impact that it has had on my life.

On Friday our whole district did an English fast! it was crazy! Speaking only spanish allll day was so hard, but it was so helpful and constructive. Our teachers were so proud of us! Thank you Grandpa and Susan for the cinnamon rolls!!!!!! They were so delicious!! I shared them with our district after our English fast. We had one extra, so we decided to go hunt down Elder Reis and give it to him. We seriously searched almost every building in the CCM and we finally found him in the TALL building.
Hermana Limb and I are still teaching Germán and Griss. There have been ups and downs with them. Germán is doing amazing! His faith has increased so much. It is seriously one of the best things to see that happen. And guess what happened yesterday!!!!! He comitted to a baptism date!!! April 11th! I am so happy for him! he wants to change and get closer to Heavenly Father and he is taking the actions and the steps to make it possible for himself. Action is the most important thing! If we don´t act, nothing will happen. Griss on the other hand hasn´t been taking action and she hasn´t been progressing. We can´t figure out why she isn´t willing to take the steps needed to come closer to Christ. It is difficult, but I know she feels the spirit in the lessons and that is super important. As missionaries, and members of the church, it is our responsibility to live and act in a way that others can feel the spirit through us. The Holy Ghost is so important! do everything you can to invite the Holy Ghost into your lives. I know it will help with everything!
This Sunday was so amazing! Sunday´s here are so spiritually uplifting. In Relief Society we talked about the promises in the scriptures. there are so many!! As I have been reading the Book of Mormon, I have been trying to pay special attention to the promises that are in them. You would be so surprised how many are in there! Since we don´t have any preisthood in our zone, we combined with Zone 14 for Sacrament meeting. Hermana Limb and Hermana Ogden had to speak. they did so amazing! Zone 14´s branch president got up and said a few words at the end. He said something that has really stuck with me through the week. He said: "To have faith in Jesus Christ, is to have faith in myself." Powerful words. Sunday deviotional was the best thing ever!!! President Cates spoke and he was amazing. Not only was he an amazing speaker, but the words he said really motivated me to do better and to take advantage of my time here. It was one of the best meetings I have been in since I got here.

Some fun stories: At breakfast on Satuday, Hermana Limb went to shake up the milk before she poured it into her cereal and she didn´t realize that there wasn´t a lid on the carton! milk went EVERYWHERE!! haha it was sooo funny! The food here is really getting to me. it is the same stuff everyweek. But I always look forward to hamburger day and toquito day. One more quick story. We do a service project every Wednesday, and this week we all got pushbrooms and we swept the outside walls of all the buildings. It was the most odd service project that I have ever done.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MCKAY AND ZACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are the best brothers ever!!!! I´m sad that I couldn´t be there with you guys! I can´t believe how big you are getting!! I love you so much!!!!

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