Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 12: Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

What a crazy week with the weather! I honestly can say that I have never seen so much rain in my whole entire life. It was insane!! When the crazy rain started Tuesday night/ Wednesday and it didn't stop until today. Today is the first day that we have seen sun! Crazy! So Wednesday was actually pretty scary. The tornado sirens were going off like crazy starting at about 6 and went all night. When the tornado sirens go off as missionaries we have to go to our shelters right away. Our tornado shelter is the church, so off we went. We didn't leave the church until 10:30 that night. And even then, we had to go to the OKC 1st sisters apartment because our casa was too far away and the roads were so flooded that we couldn't drive home. Crazy! We got to come home Thursday and the rain just kept coming and coming. There would be times when it would lighten up for just enough time to let the drains catch up with all the water that was on the roads and then it would start up again. For about four days straight this was how it went. Go out and get soaked!!! woohoo!!! Oklahoma is da bomb!

 This is all of us misisonaries at our storm shelter on wednesday 

very rarely will Oklahoma actually be pretty!

As far as tornadoes go, none of the area super close to me got hit, but there are some areas that are really bad. We will most likely be doing some disaster clean up this week. I am so grateful for the safety that I have had and that I have been safe. Here an idea of how much water we are talking about. At some points when we were driving down the road, the roads were so flooded that if we would have opened the car door buckets of water would have flooded into the car.

Miracle for the week! So a couple weeks ago we had an old old investigator come to church. Her name is Diana Garcia. We have been planning to go visit her as soon as we can..... but... the Lord decided to try our patience. We had a number for her, and... it never worked... We found an old teaching record and her address was on there! We were so excited! so we went to go find her house and..... it was non existent. There was no house or apartment at the address that we had. Ugh. So we were stuck. We didn't know what to do. But the work goes on! so Sunday rolls around and guess who walks into Relief Society!! DIANA GARCIA!!!! That was such an awesome moment! I couldn't believe how excited I was! So of course we went and talked to her and we got her address and number and we are going to go visit her tomorrow! That was such an amazing learning experience for me. It really taught me to trust in the Lord's timing. He as a plan for all of us and we just need to learn to trust him.

Mother's Day was yesterday!!! It was so amazing to get to talk to them and hear how they are doing! and actually see them! I have never been so grateful for technology! I love my family and I am so grateful for everything that they do. I am especially grateful for my mom, Ashley. She is an angel sent to earth to help me learn and grow as a person and take care of me. She helps me with everything! She is amazing! Mother's are amazing!!! Especially mine!!!!

Love you soooo much Mom!!
Hermana Hilton

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