Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week 14: Lightning and fire, rain and Amparo!

So a couple of stories this week!

Lightning and fire: Tuesday we we eating lunch with this super cute old couple, the Gomez family, sooooo sweet. I love them so much! Hermano Gomez always says that Hermana Snowden and I are angels! and he always bows when we walk by. Anyways we were sharing our lunch message there was a lightning and thunder strike that happened. It was soooooo loud! I thought that the lightning that we heard last week was loud, but this was 10 times louder! When it hit the lights (which were off) flickered on and one of them blew out. We kept going with our message and Hermano Gomez kept talking. About 10 minutes later 5 fire trucks showed up!!!!! The lightning had hit the house four doors down! The firemen were crawling all over the place. They started knocking down walls and then busted down the front and garage door. It was insane! You could see flames coming out of the top of the house. Man it was crazy. The chances that lightning hits a house is so tiny and then the chance that we would get to see it is even smaller! About 10-15 minutes later a lady pulls up behind us, jumps out of her car, and starts running to the house yelling/crying, "That's my house!!! That's my house!!!" man.... Then I saw her run into her husbands arms. In that moment I was so grateful for my family and I realized how blessed I am to have the gospel. Specifically the knowledge that if something were to happen, it isn't the end. I can be with my family forever. Death has no sting. I love this gospel so much!!!!

Rain: It willlll noooottttt stttoooopppppp rrrraaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! The rain here is never ending! And when it rains it pours! The ground is soo saturated that whenever it rains at all everything floods. I found out that this month has been the wettest month in Oklahoma ever. And I also have heard that next month is going to be even wetter! It should be super fun! Thanks mom for my new rainboots!!!! They are the best thing ever! They are so cute and such a life saver!!!!!

Amparo: Saturday night we were driving the Elders back to their apartment and we get a random call from our investigator Amparo. This is pretty much how it went, just in spanish: "Hermanas, I want to go to church tomorrow with yall. Can you find me a ride?" AHHHHHHHHH Heck yeah we can!!!! When we hung up the phone we all started screaming for joy!! (Elders included) I was sooooo excited for her! So we found her a ride and when we went to introduce her to her ride I felt so happy. As we were following them to the church, I was so happy. Honestly I don't think I have ever felt so happy in my life. It was a kind of joy and happiness that only comes from the gospel. This feeling of helping other people come closer to Christ is why missionaries do what they do. Love is such a driving force. I love the people here! I love being a missionary!!!

Love yall!
Hermana Hilton

PS. Geniva is getting baptized on saturday!!!!!!! I am so excited! She is such a crazy and cute little girl! oh... and Thursday Hermana Snowden and I are picking the lice out of her hair... keep us in your prayers!

Lunch at the church....yum yum

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