Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 16: The Lord is Merciful and Loving

This week has been a very very humbling week. There is a mormon message by Elder Uchtdorf Called the Will of God. I will attach the link and I encourage everyone to watch it. This has been just like this video. I have felt like the current bush who has been cut down.

Hermana Snowden and I have really been trying to set baptismal dates with all of our investigators and everyone we meet. Instead of setting them we have been cancelled on, pushed away, and just not a whole lot of success.  It has been hard

On top of that the Elders still don't have a car so we have had to pick them up and drive them to meetings and dinners and the bike shop. It is taking up a lot of our time and has really been teaching me patience. Overall the week has been frustrating and rebuking.

BUT The Lord is merciful and loving.

We decided that if none of our investigators are ready to progress we need to find new ones! So to do this we did some special finding. What we did is we said a very specific prayer and then took a map of our area and individually Hna Snowden and I each picked 10 streets. Then we compared our 10 streets and there was one that matched up! So we went out right to knock that street. The first door we knock we meet this super cool lady named Karen. She is from Guatemala. She let us into her house hesitantly, but we decided to teach her the restoration. When Hermana Snowden stated the first vision, she started to tear up. I could see her whole countenance change and light up with the light of Christ. The spirit in that moment was so strong, and no one could deny it. Karen told us in that moment that she could feel something really good and she said that she liked it. The spirit was incredible! At the end of the lesson she accepted a baptismal date of June 27th! (Sadly she didn't come to church on Sunday so we will have to move it back, but that is ok!)  It was an incredible lesson and I know that God's hand is in this work

God sometimes has to cut us down so that we can grow into what He wants us to be. We need to trust Him and rely on Him with every thing we do! I am so grateful that  God loves me enough to cut me down. I am eternally grateful for Him and his mercy and love!

I love you all so much! Happy 10th Birthday to Raimie Shae! Never forget to look for God's hand in your life because I promise you that it is there.

Hermana Hilton

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