Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 15: Dear Sweet Genoveva

This has been a fun, crazy, stressful, miracle filled week. I want to start of with a quote Hermana Snowden found. "If the time ever comes when we can't laugh at ourselves, that will be a sad time" -Gordon B. Hinkley

Thursday, we had Genoveva's baptism interview scheduled. After the interview we were going to take her and get out all of her lice. We were so mentally prepared to get the job done, and she showed up two hours late for the interview..... so we couldn't do it.

Friday we decided on the spur of the moment that we may as well do it and get the lice picking over with. We headed to her house and started. It took us 5 hours..... We sat a 9-year-old in a chair and combed all the lice out of her hair. It was soo gross. I have never seen lice so bad.. but she was a champ! She did sooo well. We did have to bribe her her with a million oreos and Shrek, but we did it! We got every little thing out and she looked beautiful! We showed her grandma after we had finished and she started crying. Genoveva told us, "My  head doesn't hurt anymore!!" The experience was crazy bad and crazy gross, but because of that it was all so worth it

Saturday, the baptism starts a 4. We got there at 2 to fill the font and set everything up. Lydia (her grandma)  calls us at 3 and says "we are still at work, and we can't bring Genoveva!" Crap!!! So Hna Snowden and I drive to Genoveva's while the elders fill the font. All of us are calling everyone to try and find a ride for her since we can't have people in our car. Hna Snowden and I get to her house and Genoveva is not ready. I search her entire house for something that she can wear while Hna Snowden calls literally everyone on our phone to try and find a ride for her.  Long story short, she made it to the church, her mom and grandma were able to make it and the service was beautiful. I got to help her out of the font after she was baptized, and that was one of the most precious moments ever. All I could see was this beautiful, perfect, little daughter of god. She was literally glowing! Her mom and grandma were crying through the whole thing, and it was beautiful. The spirit was so strong.

Sunday, confirmation day. we pull up to Genoveva's with the elders to wait for her ride to pick her up, her mom comes out saying we can't come we are going to work and Genoveva isn't here. She is at her aunts! Crap!!! so we have to find the aunts apartment across town. knocked 1000 doors at 8:30 am to find her. because her salvation was on the line! With the help of the Lord we found her and we got her to church only 40 minutes late. Luckily sacrament is last, so everything worked out. Seeing her up there getting the Gift of the Holy Ghost was wonderful. She was glowing once again! Afterwards, she ran down off the stand and jumped into my lap with the biggest smile ever. She then told me "I feel so happy right now!!!" Man, these are the moments that make all the long days, the disappointments, the rejection worth it. Moments like these.

This is (from left to right) Lydia, the grandma, Genoveva, and Esperanza, her mom

I love my Savior so much and I love being a missionary! I know that the Lord guides this work. He has helped us so much this week and he helps me so much all the time. Please take time this week to get on your knees and thank Him for everything. Stay beautiful everyone!
Hermana Hilton

PS. Thanks so so so so so so so much mom for the box!! It was so amazing! I love it all so much! You are the bomb and I love you so much!

Another picture with my dear sweet Genoveva

Service project that we did this week as a branch. We helped clean Brother Barney's house! It was a blast! 

This is me, Hna Snowden, Elder Day, and Elder Allen. We are the cool kids sporting the red cross! :)

Jose Luis Morano. Cool story with this guy. He is a less active in the Elders area. He called us up one day and told us that he wanted to ask us some questions. So we set up an appointment and talked to him for about an hour and a half in the chapel. It was really cool 

This is Brother Brad. He isn't a member of the church. He always comes up and talks to us when we are in a certain apartment complex. I have never ever ever in my whole entire life heard someone talk as fast as he has. It is crazy!  He is great! 

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