Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 30: Adios al Norte! Hola A Stillwater!

Adios al Norte! Hola A Stillwater!

Transfers!!!!! I am leaving the North Spanish Branch and I am headed to Stillwater!!! I am so excited! Oh Man! It is going to be so much fun!
Hna Ryan and I have been having such an amazing time this week.  Man, I am so sad to have to say goodbye to her. She is such an amazing companion. We have been through so much together and She has shown me how to truely love. She has also taught me so so so much Spanish!!! Oh man. She is an amazing person and I am going to miss her so much! This week was amazing. My email today is mainly going to be pictures of members and investigators with stories attached. I hope you enjoy! I love you so much!

Hna Hilton!

PS. My new companions name is Hna Bryant. That's about all I know about her. And here is my new address ! :)

905 N. Dryden Circle
Stillwater OK, 74075

La familia Alondso! This family is the funnest family ever! She made sure that we came over to eat before she left. I was the fist missionary to ever come over to their house to eat! I can't wait to go hang with this family after the mission. They are the bomb!!!

This is Hna Franco. When I first got to this area, she was solid. Her two kids had just gotten baptized and she was on fire. My second transfer here something happened and she stopped coming to church. We went and visited her and she told us that she didn't have a testimony. She said "Hermanas, I don't even know if the book of Mormon is true anymore, or if Joseph Smith was is prophet. I don't care who you are, that is heartbreaking to hear. We went over there all the time and tried to help her. Now Hna Franco goes to church every week. She found her testimony again! Let me tell you it is really cool to see people go through a complete 360 turnaround and rediscover the gospel. when I went to say goodbye, she told me, "Hna I know that this is the true church and I will never deny it again! I will never miss another Sunday and when you come back, you can be possitive that I will still be going to this branch, no matter what happens." Man it brought tears to my eyes. I love Hna Franco so so so much!!!!!

Adios al Norte Parte 2

This is all of the relief society!!! I love all of these valiant daughters of god! From left to right. top to bottom. Diana (old investigator), Hna Ryan (my companion), Hna Ramirez (Relief Society counciler), Hna Morales (Relief Society Counceler) Hna Aquino, Me, Hna Friare (Gospel Principles teacher), Hna Cedeno, Hna Mendoza, Hna Franco, Visitor, Hna Deleon (Less Active), Hna Delgado (Relief Society President!) This is a wonderful group of women. I love and respect them all so much. 

This family is the bomb.com!!! From left to right it is, Hna Amado, Ema, me, Marisa, Ale, Presidente Amado, and Marcelo. This is the Branch President and his family. They do so much for the Branch and it has grown so much. Presidente has been presidente for about a year now and he is rocking it. Marisa, the oldest daughter, when on a mini mission with Hna Snowden and I! And it was a blast!! They are so much fun and I am going to miss them too!

Adios al Norte Parte 3

This is some of the youth in the branch. left to right, julian, melissa, ruddy, me, marilyn, and jose. Melissa, Marilyn and Jose are all preparing to go on missions right now! Melissa's papers are in the mail right now!!!! Crazy!!! I realized the other day, that when General Conference gets here it will be one year since I opened my call..... time goes so fast. 

Esteban!!!! This is Esteban! oh man. He is so funny. He is this super shy, super quite less active. We meet with him almost every week. He works night shifts and has a crazy crazy schedule, so the fact that he gets up every week at 8:30 to go to church is a miracle! About a month ago he told us that he wants to get his life back into order so that he can go to the temple! I am so excited for him! 

Adios al Norte part 4

MAYNOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, this guy is the best! He is another less active. He is from Honduras and is crazy!!!! He is always singing to us in English. He trys to talk to us in english, but his english is so bad, well he has a super duper heavy accent, so we are the only ones who can understand him. He loves missionaries! He is a hoot! 

Before I left we got to talk Roberto to go see the temple for the first time. We were only able  to walk around the outside, but the spirit was so strong. He told us that he really wants to do everything that he can to get inside. He loved it! I can't wait to come back in a year and watch Roberto go through the temple! Hasta Luego Roberto! 

Adios al Norte Part 5

This is the Barona Family! Man. Hno Barona is Elders Quorum President. We eat at their house every Friday and it is always an adventure (let me just say, I have had better cooking) haha But they are super nice and their kids are so much fun! The wife and the kids got here from Colombia about 2 months ago. It has been a ride helping them adjust to the States life. The older son Juan David reminds me a lot of Mckay when he was that age (14) and the younger son Juan Jose is the cutest little kid ever!!!!! 

This is Hna Mendoza! She is a blast. We went to lunch with her today to say good bye. goodbyes are never fun.  She is also convinced that I am going to come back and serve in the North again haha

Adios al Norte Part.... I lost track:

This is the wonderful investigator family that I talked about last week. Corina is the mom and these are her five kids. It was really sad to have to say goodbye. Even though I have only taught them twice, we all cried when I told them I was leaving. I have no doubts that I will be coming back to see their baptism! I can't wait!!! 

Adios one last time!

This is one of the two white families that goes to the branch. Brother and Sister Barrus. They are fun. And a picture of the elders and their bibs! haha project don't get spaghetti on the white shirt! 

Being here in the north has been the best six months of my life. I love it so much and I also can't wait to see what more adventures lie ahead!!! Adios!!! 

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