Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 29: What a week

Monday: Normal P-day. We played scatterball and Book of Mormon battles (a card game) Then we tried a bunch of potenciales. Fun times!

Tuesday: We went to the Chiropracter! oh man! what an experience! It was my first time to a chiroprator and it was quite the experience! We walked in and there was someone in the background grunting and yelping.... So that got me pretty freaked out. The doctor took us back and sat us in this super midevil looking chair and started popping all kinds of stuff! He readjusted my back and my neck and my legs. I told him that I had been having trouble with my right knee and ankle. He looked at it and then told me, "ok, now, no screaming, crying, or cussing!" ....ummm.... ok.... then he did something to my left hip and man!!!! It hurt sooooo bad!!! I definitally screamed! And then the tears started coming and he said to me again, "No crying!!" Ahh! so I was holding back tears. But on the bright side, I haven't had troubles with my knee or ankle since! Fun times.

Wednesday: We had dinner with the Lopez family. Man. they are so much fun. Their little girls are so stinking cute! The oldest (I think she is 7) was attached to my hip the whole night! and at the end of the night she went to go find her mom's old missionary tag and put it on so that she could come with me and be a missionary with me. It was super sweet :) I love the people here so much!

Thursday: Holy cow.... One of the coolest lessons I have been in!!! We taught this super cute little family. The mom's name is Corina. She has 4 little girls. So we were teaching the little girls about the Restoration of the Church and about Jose Smith and every thing. This was the coolest part. They felt and recognized the Spirit. These are some of the things they said: "I feel like someone is giving me a big hug right now!" "I feel like my heart is going to explode because I feel so happy!" "I feel like someone else is here in the room with us" "I don't know how to explain it, I just feel so so so happy" And a whole bunch of other stuff. I wish I could explain to you how awesome that experience was. Little kids are so in tune with the spirit and have such a gift to recognize it. I wish I could be more like these little girls and recognize the spirit more in my life.

Friday: We had a lesson with Roberto today. We talked about the Book of Mormon again and he said he would read it everyday! We also challenged him to bare his testimony in testimony meeting on Sunday. After the meeting I had this crazy feeling to go knock some doors. So I voiced it and we invited Roberto to come with us! So Roberto came knocking on doors with us! It was super fun. After Roberto left we knocked on one more door before going home and these guys all opened the door. I think there were about six of them. But the were a band from a baptist church. They said a prayer for us and it was super awesome! Fun times!

Saturday: we got to visit Maynor! woohoo! that guy is crazy! Roberto took us out to an buffet pizza place for dinner. Yum yum. And the we got THE CALL...... A call from our leaders and we found out.... that.......... Hna Ryan is training next transfer! she is going to be getting a brand new missionary straight from the MTC! I am so excited for her! As good of news as that is,..... it also means that I am leaving this area..... I am really sad. I love the people here so much and it is going to be so so so hard to say goodbye to everyone here. They have become like my family. It is crazy how much the mission can change. As of right now I don't know where I am going. I will find out this sunday and I will move on the 16th.

Sunday: Roberto bore his testimony!!! man it was so cool! It is such a scary thing and he did it! It was awesome! I told the branch the news that I am leaving and everyone was sad. Hna Olea cried and so did Bella. Man. Roberto teared up when I told him too. It is not gonna be easy. But I can do it! The Lord has people prepared for me! Everyone in the branch came up to me after church and asked when they could feed us before I leave the branch! Man... I am going to be eating a lot of really good food this week! haha We have a member feeding us almost every lunch and dinner this week! Crazy!

Monday: Labor day! Since all the libraries were closed, we didn't get to email, but! We did get to go to a Dodger's baseball game!!!!! It was so so s so much fun! Man. A member in one of the other wards bought 50 tickets for all the missionaries in the city and their investigators. It was a blast! Then later that night we had a FHE with Roberto and the Aquinos. It was a really fun day!

Well everyone. I know that this gospel is true and I love being a missionary. There is nothing better. I love my family and I am so grateful for their support and love. Thank you for all the prayers! They are felt!

Hna Hilton

The Lopez's little girl who wanted to leave with me :) 

Dodgers game!!!!! 

 This is Alba Lopez! She is like a mom to me. I love her so much. She gave me this skirt :) She is such an amazing lady!

This is Juan Jose Barona! The cutest little kid ever! He asks me for a Zot every sunday haha super fun! 

This is Jonathan. He is awesome! He is a recent convert and his story is amazing! 

This is (from left to right) Alex, Marilyn, Me, and Ruddy. They are some of the strongest youth I know. Their example inspires me!!!! 

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