Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 31:Aloha from Stillwater Oklahoma

Oh man! Can I just start off by saying that Stillwater is one of the prettiest places I have ever been! It is so so green! I really really like it. The city is super ugly compared to here. My new companion is Hna Bryant and she is a stud! She is from Ceder Hills, UT and she is a bomb missionary. It has been a ton of fun to get to know her. I know that we have only been together for about 4 days, but we work together really well. The church situation is an interesting one. We work with a Spanish Group. a Group is smaller that a branch, and  since we aren't big enough to support ourselves, we are part of an English ward. It is quite interesting. I went to my first Sacrament meeting in English since I left home and it was weird!! There were actually people and it was really weird to hear it all in English. I didn't realize until then that I have gotten to the point where I prefer to hear the Gospel in Spanish than in English. Its really funny how that works. There is a ton of potential in this area. I love it. I am still adjusting to the new area and everything, but it is amazing. It is nothing like my last area, but I know that there is so much that I can do here.

Here is a quick breakdown of this past week:

Monday: PDay!! Last P-day in the North. Hna Ryan went and got her hair cut and colored and I finish packing. We also had an FHE with Alba and the Morales family and Roberto. It was a lot of fun

Tuesday: I had to say goodbye to Roberto. Man. One of the hardest things ever. You come to love these people so much and to leave them is the hardest thing ever. I don't think I can express how difficult it is. But at the same time I felt my heart get wrenched out I had this feeling of peace, knowing that the Lord will watch over Roberto and that all will be okay. The Lord is such a cool person and he really is looking out for us.

Wednesday: Transfers!! Oh man transfers are so crazy! All the missionaries meet in Moore, OK and we switch around stuff and talk. I got to see so many friends! I love missionary friendships they are the best! Then we headed to Stillwater. It was about a two hour drive there, so that was fun! I got super duper car sick haha. But I am glad we have a car!

Thursday: I don't know if I have told yall this or not, but I am living with Hna Snowden again!!! It is so crazy! I get to see her and talk to her every day! I love it so much and it is so awesome to have your best mission friend right there with you! I love it. We are living in a house with 4 sister missionaries. It is a blast. This day we just went around and I tried to meet everyone that I could.

Friday: Fiesta!!! woop woop! The Ward/Group had a fiesta to celebrate Mexican Independence day. It was so much fun! There were more non members/investigators there, than members!! It was such an awesome success! Ready for an awesome story! While we were there this 12 year old girl Jossie comes up to us and says super shyly "Hi guys, what do I need to do to be baptized?" After I slapped myself a couple times to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I got so so so excited! What a miracle! We have an appointment with her next Friday and  I am so excited. What a tender tender mercy of the Lord.

Saturday: We were in a parade!!!! A smaller town nearby us was having a parade, so all the missionaries decided to get together, make a float, and  join the parade! It was a ton of fun! All the missionaries here in this area are a blast! The elders are locisimo!!!!

Sunday: First Sunday here in Stillwater. It was fun. I met a lot of people and like I said it was really weird to go to an English ward. The Stake President talked to all of us in the English ward and in our mini Spanish Class and I learned so much! The biggest thing that I learned was probably that we are here to change lives. He read us the story of when Jesus turns water into wine and how the best wine was given last. He talked to us about how we are here as members and missionaries to change lives. IT was super super cool. Everything he said was in Spanish and I'm not very good at translating, so you will have to forgive me.

It really has been an awesome week. I have already learned so much here. I think a huge one is to trust the Lord. Trust that he will take care of things that are out of our control. Trust that he knows what trials we are going through right now. Trust that these trials are for our benefit. Trust that the blessings that he has for us in the future will be worth it no matter what. I hope that we can all try to remember the Lord in everything, because he has given us everything.  I love you all so much!

Hna Hilton

My new comp Hna Bryant!

Parade time!!!!! woop woop!!!

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