Friday, March 4, 2016

Week 54: Transfers yet again!

I have some news!!! 

#1 McKay got his mission call!!! he is going to be serving in the Brasil Salvador South mission! Mckay I am so proud of you! You will love your mission. Congrats little brother! 

#2 Transfers are this Wednesday. Here is what is happening. Hna Hunt is leaving and going to Mustang to an English ward. I am staying here in the OKC South 6th branch and I will be training a new missionary!!! this little missionary will be getting off the plane tomorrow and I will pick her up Wednesday morning and we will go out and work. Her first day in the mission field.  On Wednesday the 24th I had a meeting with President Walkenhorst. He trained us how to train these new missionaries. Before the meeting I was really nervous, but now I feel super excited and super honored to be trusted with one of the Lords missionaries. I am super excited to learn and be stretched and work hard with this new missionary. It will be an opportunity like none other! 

so yup those were the 2 biggest things from this week. I super excited for what is to come. This last week has been a crazy one. I feel like I have never planned so much in my life!!! but it all worked out wonderfully. We had a super successful week. 

Do yall remember Antonio? He is the man from the Dominican Republic. Well guess what! We had a lesson with him on Friday. We took an older couple with us, the Romero's, and the lesson was amazing! We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and explained why we have it and how it is important to read it because that is how we gain a knowledge of the things of God. At the end of the lesson he asked for a specific reading assignment! (that never happens) Then on Sunday the Romero's picked him up for church! He came and loved Sacrament meeting. I talked to him a little bit before the meeting hand he told me that he had read Alma chapter 9 that morning and loved it. I told him that I read Alma 32 that morning and he opened up to it and started reading! He is so prepared. I pray that he will continue on this path, because it is the best one out there!

Another miracle! We decided to call Idalgo and see how he was doing. He told us that he moved to Texas, but when we called him we found out he was still here in OKC!! So we invited him to church again and he also came! 

The work is going forward. I wish I had more time to write, but We have to head out because Hna Hunt has to get some things done before she gets transferred. 

But I love each and everyone of you! Mckay. Keep pushing forward.  Thank you for your examples and your love. I know this church was restored through a living prophet. I know that we can be together forever as families. I know that the atonement is real. Through the atonement is the only way that we can be healed and be happy. We always have a second chance. 

onward and upward!
Hermana Hilton

This is the dream team!!! from left to right. Presidente Martinez, Hermano Cardenas, and Hermano Romero 

When McKay opened his call!!! 

This is Michelle aka Emmie. SHe has my heart <3

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