Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 55: Team Fuego is back!!!

Where to start....  So many good things have happened this week.

We had transfers this week. My new companion is Hna Medeiros! She is amazing. Holy cow. She is my trainee and she is outstanding. For her first week as a missionary she is outstanding. A quick low down on her. She is turning 21 this month #fiestas She went to BYU before her mission. She is from Centerville Utah. She went to the Mexico MTC #theonlytrueandlivingmtc Her spanish is amazing. Every time that she talks, I am blown away by what she can say. Her Spanish is way further advanced than my was my first week in Oklahoma! She has so much Greenie fire! It is so real and it is so good. I miss the fire! We have named ourselves Team Fuego! because we are on fire! haha she is so much fun and we are getting along really well. We have already seem so many miracles these past 5 days and I can't wait to see what this next transfer brings!!

For all of you guys who remember Idalgo, we got in with him again!! He is doing amazing. It had been about two weeks since we had been to his house.  He did come to church in those past two weeks, but we weren't able to get into his home. Until Saturday night. We talked about baptism again and he said that he still wants to be baptized, but he thinks that the 12th of this month is too soon and that he doesn't feel ready. so we reset his baptismal date for the 16th of April! he is super excited for it and is willing and ready to work for it. After we talked about his baptism we taught him about the Word of Wisdom (sometimes this can be a scary lesson when you don't know how the investigator is going to take it) but we taught it and Hna Medeiros did such an amazing job of teaching what the word of wisdom is and testifying about how it blesses us! Idalgo said that he would leave everything behind so that he can be baptized! #miracles he didn't have any major problems and at the end of the lesson he was testifying back to us why we should live the word of wisdom. Another huge miracle is that he was planning to move to Texas for work, but he found a job here that will keep him busy! aka Idalgo isn't moving!!! He is doing so well and is so prepared to hear this message #blessed

Also on Saturday (Saturday was one of the best days ever!) Hna Medeiros and I had the privilege of going to the temple! Do you know why??????? Because Rosi Guerrero was going to do baptisms in the temple for the first time!!!! sooooo wonderful! We got to the temple and Rosi and all the Stillwater people were still outside. I saw Rosi and I litterally could see her glowing. I haven't seen her glow so much!!! the light within her is growing ever so bright! We went in and I helped her around. When she had finished doing baptism she came over and talked to me. It was a very tender moment to be able to sit next to someone that I love so much in the House of the Lord. I can't even try to begin to explain the joy I felt in those moments with her. We talked about God and how He loves each of us and how sometimes we get to see a little bit of that love. She is so dear to me! Ah! I wish y'all could meet her and see her glow!

Mama Snowden came back to Oklahoma!!!! Her and her wonderful parents and little brother took us out to eat at Outback. It was so much fun to get to see her again! and also meet her wonderful parents! I prolly freaked Scott and Sandy Snowden out because I knew so much about them, but it was so fun to finally meet the people that I think so highly of! Thanks Scott and Sandy for raising an amazing daughter and sharing her with me here in Oklahoma!!!

I think those are the main milargros that we saw this week. The hand of the Lord is in this work. And there isn't anything that is going to stop it. I was studying this week about the Doctrine of Christ and a focused a lot this week on the role of the Holy Ghost in all of it. The holy ghost is the glue that holds the doctrine of Christ together. With out the Spirit, everything would fall apart. We couldn't do our work as missionaries because there wouldn't be anything divine to back up what we teach. The spirit is so important. I pray that we all can look for the spirit more in our lives. it is the only way that we can succeed in this life :) I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Hilton

This is the Guerrero family at the temple :) #stilly 


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