Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 57: Almost Easter

One more week until easter!!! woohooo!!! Iam so excited!  I love this time of year so much. Everyone is a little more focused on Jesus Christ. We have been sharing the #hallelujah video with everyone that we can and we have seen sooo many miracles!! here are a few of the many we have seen.

Monday: Took Hermana Quiroz and Reymundo to go teach Idalgo. Idalgo is doing well. He is working a toooooon but is still making time for the gospel. He wants it to change his life. He is on fire and progressing towards his baptism for the 16th of April. We went over on Monday night with these two members and taught him the Law of Chastity. It was Hermana Medeiros' first time teaching the Law of Chastity and she did so amazing! Having those two members there was perfect too. Members at lessons is the best thing ever!!!! At the end of the lesson Idalgo and Reymundo were talking about the singles ward. haha they talked about finding good wives. It was super funny.

Tuesday: Reyna Ortiz. Oh man. I don't know if I mentioned her last week, but she is a member who has been inactive for a while. She decided one day to come to church and now she wants to go to the temple. She is so determined to make it there! We drove with her to the temple on Tuesday to walk around and feel the great spirit that is there. We watched #hallelujah with her and she told us that she is ready to make the changes that she needs to, so that she can go into the temple. She is making a lot of big changes in her life and it is so amazing to see! If she can do it, we all can do it!!!

Wednesday: We were invited to a less actives house to eat. HUGE MIRACLE! And we were talking about Mexico and everything and then the member asked me what part of Mexico I was from! #lifemade It was so funny because we joked around about it and then he told me that I sound like my parents were from Northern Mexico and I grew up here in the states. haha Mom and Dad I guess you guys are now from Aguas Calientes too! haha

Thursday: Saint Patricks day!!! Hermana Medeiros and I got all decked out for St Pattys! we even put little hats on our bike helmets!! but the hugest miracle of Thrusday was our lesson with Rafeal and Antony that night. We had plans to teach them the Word of Wisdom in preparation for their baptisms. I knew before we taught them the lesson that they had problems with it. And because of that I was suuuuuper nervous. I hadn't ever taught someone who currently had problems, the word of wisdom. So I had been fasting and praying over this lesson. We got in there and I was still nervous. We started going and we shared #hallelujah with them. The spirit was realllllly strong. You could have cut it with a knife. You could tell the both Rafael and Antony were feeling it. Right then I shared a very personal story and I was able to testify to them of the atonement. As I was talking it hit me like a brick wall that the atonement covers everything. It changes people. It is changing me! The reality of it all hit me all at once and I tried my very best to explain it to them. "Just as the atonement has helped my brother change and now be ready to go on a mission, it has changed me. I am a different person because of it and I know and testify that it can change you. You can quit smoking. The atonement covers that too." They both commit to quit smoking that night. They told us that they knew they would be blessed if they did it. I am so grateful for a Savior that was kind enough to suffer and die for me.

Friday: We had a huge branch activity!! the Young women put on a dinner and a desert auction to raise money for girls camp. It was a huge success!

Saturday: I was super lucky and blessed to be able to go to lunch with my Recent Convert Roberto from the North OKC branch. I don't know if yall remember me talking about him, but I know I did a lot. My mission president gave me permission to go to lunch with him (for those of you who know how the mission goes, that is a very very rare opportunity) so on Saturday we went to Golden Corral!!! It had been six months since I had seen him and it was like seeing an old friend! It felt like no time had passed by. It has been 6 months since I have seen him. We talked and laughed and caught up on old times. At the end of our visit he bore his testimony. He said that when we first found him he didn't even know if he wanted anything to do with God. He wasn't super sure. He said that we came and we taught him and we showed him that he was son of god. He said he felt the love of God for the first time in a long time. He told me that he just needed a push. I was lucky enough to be the person to give him the little push that he needed to find the gospel. He was glowing the whole time and I was so grateful that he still has the fire of the gospel burning in his soul.

I want to testify that I know that Christ lives. He loves us. He suffered and died for us. He also was resurrected so that we can find new life in him. Find new life in Christ this week by learning more about him. #hallelujah I love you all so much and I love my Savior.

Have a fantabulous week!!
Hermana Hilton

some of the yummy food we are eating :)

Lunch with Roberto and his sister Norma!!! Best day ever!!!!!! 

more pictures with Roberto! Love this kid!!!! 

Our St. Patricks day celebrations!! 

 The YW Subasta aka auction!

Temple with Reyna! 

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